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Raptor wrote:
Re : Paying to get job information on

Ok Clive I think people by now know they need to pay to get the information unlike most of the other agencys which are free to personnel .

Good Luck with the Site


Lets be clear here. Jobseekoffshore is not an agency in the general sense as applied to our industry.

Also, agencies are not free as you suggest. Agencies do charge, it's just that you never see how much they make/take off you.
Sorry James if you miss understood my reply but I did say :-

Free to ( personnel )

Nothing is free in this life but the agencys do charge the main Client as for
Jobseekoffshore why pay for the same information .

Money is hard to find these days and spending money on information thats already all ready in the public domain .

I have seen the New Jobseek site and like Clive said it has been changed regarding making it known that you have to pay for the information .

There is no fast way of finding employment in the Rov industry you just need to search the internet .
But in the end like I said its up to the individual should he or she want to pay in the same way the people pay for these Rov training courses thinking they will get straight into a job but after months if not years later there still looking .

So the rest is up to the people reading this .

There are pros and cons to boths methods I guees.

I am please to note that at least sensible debate was had over the topic. Thumb Up
James Mc
Site Admin

Shocked Search First - Ask questions later Thumb Up
Yes I know what you mean James but how many times have we both told people about wasting money on doing a Rov course and they still do them only to find out that the information we gave them was correct and months or years laters there still looking for a job.

But there are so many desperate people out there looking for work who might pay there $37.95 only to find out that the information that they just bought they all ready know about .

Hi James and Raptor,

Thanks to both of you for your positive input into what is obviously a contentious issue. I have been around a long time in this industry and experienced both sides of the story. I do agree with you Raptor and it was never my intention to take "advantage" of anyone desperate to find work offshore. For that reason and taking the feedback of this forum on board I have decided to adapt our business model to reflect this.

It is now totally free to any candidates wishing to register and apply for positions which may or may not be in the public domain. The whole idea from day one was to establish a one-stop shop for companies and individuals to meet up, that is still our aim.

I hope Raptor you do remain on JSO and we do succeed in hooking you up with work in the future.

Hats off to Clive at 'JSO'. Listen to feedback from the people on the ground and act on it in a positive fashion Thumb Up

I wish the rest of the industry would react in a similar manner.

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