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Im thinking about getting into the oil and gas industry after completing 21 years 9 months in the Royal Navy. I was hoping someone could tell me the minimum requirements needed for a lung capacity peak flow result?
Dont want to go and book and pay for a BOSIET and MIST course plus the medical fail the medical then lose my money.

Appriciate any help fellas

Looking at some of the sh1t that has arrived in the game over the last few years just being able to breath is enough. As an op's manager once wrote when desperate to fill a seat....must be able to drink cold water and pass warm piss.

Good luck
Laughing probably not a laughing matter but thanks for the reply.
Just thought there maybe a high level on this particular area due to the ability to react/survive an emergency.
I have never had to do a peak flow test for any offshore medical I have had done.

Breathing is sometimes optional - certainly having a pulse has been optional in the middle of summer when they are stuck!

though I wouldn't say all medicals go through all of this!

Specifically for Peak Flow:-
"FEV1 between 60-80% predicted – mild disease with minimal symptoms – likely to be considered fit"

To show you what nonsense the medical is it says
Obesity is unacceptable if safety, agility, exercise tolerance or general health are affected. It is recognised that body mass index is an imperfect measure and in cases where there is doubt then bioimpedance and/or abdominal circumference are acceptable ancillary measures for measuring
obesity. Individual decisions regarding fitness for offshore work in the overweight should be made on a case by case basis with the underlying tenets of a need to evacuate and work safely and efficiently. IMCA C 012 5
As a guide:
– BMI 19-25 – correct weight
– BMI 26-30 – overweight – warning appropriate
– BMI 30-35 – obese – restrict certificate to maximum of one year. If over 50 years old then
restrict to six months. Issue a maximum of two consecutive six-month certificates, then fail
– BMI 36 and over – very obese – fail.

there are a LOT of fat buggers offshore, if they followed this, we would lose half the workforce (and 90% of Norwegian Bridge Crew Very Happy)

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