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This is one carried over from the old forum

At least you've not too far to stumble back to the vessel...the harbour is almost in the city center!

Regent Quay
A number of pubs are located here, handy for that last min pint or 2 before going offshore

The Scooner Guild Street
Alongside first thing in the morning after being on night shift...this is the place for you. Opens at 07:00 and closes at 19:00.

Blackfriers Union Street
Popular pub, get a good selection of pints and some very good pub grub!

Prince of Wales Market Street
Said to have the longest bar in Scotland Anyway, a wide selection of real ales and beers. Pub food is good and servings are large.

Windmill Brey
A few pubs and clubs on this little street. Sure you'll find something you like here

Union Street
The main street in Aberdeen, so if you can be bothered to walk/stagger the length of it you'll find many bars, clubs, restaurants, fast food places and shops.

The Beach Complex
For you guys who want to dance the night away there is Amadeus Or the guys who want to catch up on the latest sports....The Sports Bar , Kill an afternoon in the Cinema, or feast in one of the many Restaurants.

Author Ray Sheilds

Blackfriers is where to meet up if you are looking for any Surveyors - you can always tell them, they're the ones with the open toe sandels and backpacks Smile

Forget Amadeus nightclub down the beach if you are over 21, you will be WAy too old for the schoolkids that go there. Oh Hendrys is a better bet. Of course, theres ALWAYS the Metro - the lowest of the low nightclubs. The Norwegians always end up in there, I dunno why.

Its the kind of place where your feet stick to the floor by design! You are more likely to see two women fighting in the bar than you are men...quite an eyeopening place!!

Down by the Harbour, the Crown & Anchor which is right by Regent Quay is always busy - heck, even when they do Kareoke! The Quarterdeck over by the P&O ferry terminal is nice as well. The Fittie Bar is down by the docks where the larger ships normally load stuff up, also in the red light part of the harbour Smile

Regards, Ray
Back after 6 weeks on the most dangerous ship in the North Sea!

Author: Screats

Ack. I lived in Bonnie Aberdeen for a few years so here goes:

Nightclub - Amadeus
There's a free bus from Yates bar that goes direct at around 10:30pm. Its an OK club but check what evening you intend to go as it has theme nights so it can go from the sublime to the ridiculous. It also gets very packed and expect to queue.

Union Street
There are two ends to union street, the student end (near the harbour) and the offshore end (the opposite end of the street!). Union street is a mile long so keep walking up to the top to get the best bars. The College is okay (its the one with the flameing things outside) and the best of the rest are Yates, Cafe Bardot (a kareoke bar), O'Donahues and theres a Flares around there too.

Back Wynd
Between the two ends of Union street is a narrow street called Back Wynd where all the taxis congregate. Here you'll find Ma Camerons, the old schoolhouse (recommended) and the one which I can't remember inside the shopping mall! The shopping mall one is a new one and its tres trendy, if you like that sort of thing. You can get to a small bar called the Wodka bar from here where you can enjoy the mars bar flovoured vodka shots (pound and shot), and all that sort of guff.

And finally, dress for cold weather. Its always cold. Everyone dresses for the cold so don't do the Newcastle pub crawl trip thing and dress in a thin shirt regardless of the weather. All the locals will look at you like a prat...

Author: Benny

Internet cafe:
a place called Costa Cafe, near the John lewis store in George Street (city Center), I think it is the only one in town. It is cheaper to take membership (£ 15 for 3 months) and then pay about £ 2 an hour rather then pay their exorbitant rate of 12p a minute.

Author: Djubb

Yes talking about that internet cafe, I walked away from the place. It would cost me a small fortune to down load my emails, what with the speed of my server on webmail. Try the library on Union st. Its free but you only get 15 mins. At least you don't get ripped off. :-/
Gina McLauchlan
Webmistress & Forum Admin

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