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In the MUA ROV Newsletter (Number 24 Early February 2011) it appears that they are gearing up for the next round of talks with members and employers concerning renewal of ROV agreements. The current agreements are due to expire middle of 2011 and the MUA are looking for a new 3 year deal to come into force at that time.

In the last 4 weeks a heap of ideas have started to flow in from ROV workers about what they want in the new round of agreements coming up for expiry after the middle of this year.

There is a long log of claims that will be brought to the table.

A claim that properly rewards ROV workers for the valuable contribution they make to the lucrative offshore oil and gas industry.

We have seen all other MUA offshore workers campaign for and receive just outcomes in an industry that produces billions of dollars of profit for those companies that stake their claim in it. Constructions workers such as riggers and welders have also staked their claim for increased rates and conditions in their respective agreements. Now it is the turn of ROV workers.

The MUA is looking for feedback from it's members on the list of claims and after modification will pass them back to the members for final approval before taking them to the negotiating table.

After the Log of Claims has got final endorsement from the MUA membership it will be served on employers as their collective agreements expire.

What this does demonstrate (to me at least) is that no matter how high Oz taxes may appear to be, the Oz ROV contingent are far better off financially than the rest of the offshore ROV world. No doubt this year they will see a decent rise over current rates. I say well done to the lot of them for working together and reaping the rewards. Thumb Up

As for the rest of the world - Lets not hear any more cries of .... Unions this, and Union that . We've seen that already, been there, done that, and it's very clear that pretty much all (but the Oz troops) have little to no stomach for-working collectively and looking after their interests.

The closest the rest of the ROV world will ever see to any kind of ROV industry workers representation is likely to be the IROVA and, from where I am sitting, it is highly unlikely an International not-for-profit association will ever discuss rates and employment contract conditions with employers on an international level.

Admin Note:
As there is no record (on MUA's website) of the details of the claims, and proposed revised rates, further details will not be published here (at ROVworld) until the information becomes common knowledge and is available in the public domain via the MUA.

I suggest that people who do have knowledge of the details be careful what they do post on the subject, as it may well serve to shoot themselves in the foot.
I have copy of the Diving one 2007 2008 2009 which is very good but never seen the ROV one.

Any one have link for the old ROV agreement ?
I think you'll find that all of the existing agreements were on a company by company basis. There has been no industry wide agreement.

The initial agreements were also somewhat tame inasmuch as they were the first in the ROV sector.

This should all change with the new round of bargaining as all of the ROV workers have continued to see conditions deteriorate when compared to other sectors of the offshore workforce.

Here's to a bit more solidarity and less I'm alright Jack in the near future!


Hi Guys,
for the people that experienced the previous negotiations 3 years ago, i think you would have an awareness of our position and standing in the offshore oil and gas industry at this present point

im sure many of you have talked to other professions whilst working offshore. and know and have experienced that the ROV guys have been on the low end of pay and conditions that are now available in australia.

i think the last jump in wages was only due to the fact that union presence was pressuring the companies to up there pay and conditions

im not saying here that you have to vote for union. but i think that the companies have had 3 years for there agreements to run there course. and we have all had a chance to see what it was like for the ROV companies to be in control of our conditions.

i hope that all the people that will be voting soon, will make an informed decision to where they want our industry to be in the near future

i think that this situation is not only reflective of the guys just working in australia, but also internationally. this is a chance to show that ROV's are valuable and intricate part to a billion dollar industry



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