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ROVWORLD.COM was established on 20th January 2001

The site (in one form or another) is now over 10 years old! Smile
Top site, keep up the good work Very Happy

Here's to another 10 years ..... I wonder what things will have changed in the ROV industry by 2021 Question

2001 doesn't seem that long ago but 2021 seems like ages away ..... getting old I suppose Embarassed

I remember the pre view you gave me a link to. Great website concept and we are still adding members every day.

Well done, keep up the good work.

Good on ya James Very Happy
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
Congratulations James and Gina.
Pay peanuts...get monkeys!
Get trained by monkeys...get paid peanuts!
Stultus est licut stultus facit.
Es debilem vinculum, vale!
For a website to last 10 years and still be on top takes a great deal of effort, time and dedication from all involved.

Congratulations and thank you. Very Happy
I was on the kettle!
Congrats and thanks for the last ten years providing the premier site for all of ROV interest. Here's tipping one for another ten years of continued success...all the best to you James and Gina
Many happy returns to all involved in the continuing production of this site.

Lang may yer lum reek!
Happy 10th ROVWorld.
To James and his fellow administrators I am sure I speak for all that routinely visit we really appreciate your hard work and stress management.
Here's to another 10!.... Wink

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