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How many people have ever failed the course?

New to this site but I am on old diver looking to get into the ROV business.
Where exactly is the best place to start if not a bunch of chancers from the highlands or phillipins or some other place, that makes sense KreuzOps. so if not from any of these places, where.
I feel your pain guys. If you are any good at what you do then these green trainees should not pose a threat to you. I was in a unique industry, or so I thought until all these shools popped up offering training in my industry. We cant stop progress and the greed of these training establishments for pouring out an abundant supply of new workers eager to please prove there worth. Yes most of the greenies will work for peanuts, if not just to pay off the cost of the course, i have seen it first hand. Now I know ROV work may be more unique than diving, it is more enjoyable for sure, i have had first hand experience of that, been on a few salvage recoveries. I have had the pleasure many years ago of flying a few and even went down in LR5, for those of you that do not know its a mini submarine, an evac sub that is on constant standy in the UK for any sub disasters.
So getting back to my original point, where is the best training facility to become an ROV pilot.
WeeMac wrote:

So getting back to my original point, where is the best training facility to become an ROV pilot.

Comment from an ex Sat diver.

The issue here is there is no regulation of the training schools and therefore no way of judging if one is any better than the other.

So, the real question is why should anyone attend a training course in the first instance, at an unregulated training establishment?

Take an HSE Pt II Sat divers course for example. There are strict safety and training requirements that must be met according to the law of the land (UK) under HSE regulations. As a diver you will know that HSE regulations are law (so adherence is mandatory) not simply guidelines that companies can choose to abide by or not.

In the ROV industry there is no such control or legal requirements.

If you feel the need to attend a course then I would say attend one nearest to your home location, get the bit of paper (Pilot Tech 2 or whatever it says on it) and then put it away, because in real terms it'll not be worth the paper it's printed on. These courses should only be deemed to give those, with pre existing technical qualifications and experience ,nothing other than an insight into what ROV's are about. Such a course certainly won't make anyone an ROV Pilot nor a Tech.

If you have been in the offshore game for a while I feel you'd be better off forgetting the course idea, phoning around your contacts list and seeing of you can get in that way. That is of course assuming you already have the technical background our industry needs and something a course at a so called 'training school' will never give you.

best of luck
How many people have failed the course ?
I have no idea how many fail the courses, my guess would be very few.

Got my HSE part 1 in 86 after working on salvage ships for MOD, made redundant in 94. Went and done an HND electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering course then worked in the electronics industry for 4yrs before joining the oil and gas industry for a service company running pumps in the ground, worked my way up to field supervisor. Mostly work on land, done a few jobs offshore in the red sea. But would love to get my sea legs back, be an ROV P/T. Dont have the cash to waste on an ROV course.
So who wants to take me on as a trainee ROV P/T, just let me know!
Some say............ if you are after a job with a recently merged company head down to Ghana as they are interviewing over 100 applicants next week.
Apparently it has something to do with cost.......... Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
Speaking of cost, before you head to some hell-hole check out the latests rates (thanks Gina!!) at: and work for the Pilot / Tech mid-rates on that table...
I got your economic downturn right here!!!

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