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I am working for CSL who contract to DOF and the rate at the moment is a little than 400GBP a day which I think is fair. But then again I have not really worked in the North Sea for very long. The rate in the Gulf of Mexico is about 550 USD a day at this time which I think is extremely low.
So much has been WRONG with the attitudes of companies as far as pay has been concerned. They will try to pay a 5 - 7 yr. snr. tech the same as a jnr. tech if they can get away with it. Not saying all managers are this way - there's some that actually care about keeping quality staff.

Cajun - if you are new to the industry, then yes, your pay is good. A lot of guys don't realize how long the industry was depressed pay packets.....
I got your economic downturn right here!!!
Very true Scot,

The whole ROV industry in my opinion is one big cartel, when you see the pay rates of Sub-sea guys on the rigs which have rocketed (£110,000 international rate for supervisor) since the BP GOM incident and compare them to ours its a joke.

Some ROV companies have not raise their pay rates for over 3 years.

I'm too old for a career change but if I was younger I would.
Well there are a few companies out there paying acceptable rates for supervisors but for most its well under 700 USD now days which is crap !

Back in 2008 the rates were good , I think this is one reason why a few companies are hiring guys as supervisors who only have a a few years experience because they just cannot get experienced guys not for the rates on offer .I think the worse place were rates are low is the middle east were you have NPCC and Fugro were Supervisor rates are any thing from 600 to a max of 700 . Yes there are a few above the 700 but not very many .

All I know when you go into your local supermarket or fill up your car prices are going up and up .

I accept the fact that however low the rate is someone will accept it but I for one wont be !.

Happy New Year


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