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The Whittaker is a beast of an arm!

Very strong, but also very large. About on a par with a rigmaster for performance, but can take up a lot of space on a small sub.

Don't know about the Kraft arms. Never used them. There was a lot of horror stories about them 10 years ago or so.
I was in the pub.
The Kraft Predator is a very nice arm to work with. The master is nice and the forcefeedback works very well. It is not as strong as a T4 though.

But it needs a lot of maintenance to keep it working well and parts of it are very fiddly to work on. Both the master and slave arms have problems. The pots in the slave are in oil and I have seen problems with the tracks breaking up in some oils. The Master has an actuator on each joint. I had one of these fail and the replacement was over $6k!

Much as I like using the Kraft, I hate repairing the bloody things all the time.

I would stick to a T4 if I were you.
Glevum / Rovnumpty,

Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

There is no question here, the conan is a joke compared to the T4, it's like a lada against a BMW, but as your choice of car, it's down to money and how much you can afford to pay!!

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