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My view in forming an association....

It should be made up of......

Chairman responsable for...
The overview of the association.
The transparency of the association
The guiding with others of the direction the association takes.
Ensuring that all directions are to the benefit of the members.
Ensuring the association is run in a proper manner.


Responsable to the Chairman and the members for the prompt and proper administration of the association.


Responsable to the Chairman and the members for the prompt and proper use and reporting of the associations monetary assets.

A steering commitee ...

Made up of initially two knowledgable members of the association.
Responsable to the Chairman and the members for steering the association on the agreed path.

To get this off the ground guys I would suggest the above for starters.

It is interesting to read the first fulll on negative response to your idea. Normally that has come from me as I do not like the Uni0n concept.
However the concept of an association with proper standards and a structured memebership then that is a positive step forward.

If this was a voluntry thing to start with and did manage to gain enough membership then it would move on to the next level and start to get involved in pay scales and pushing the ROV companies and the wider Offshore industry to realise what we are capable of and where the industry could go in the future both in terms of technology and in personnel standards.
Who runs and funds IMCA ?????

vested interests such as the big companies, HSE bods, suppliers and training vendors do.

The actual contractors and workers have very little input into IMCA .
A seperate ROV association could have similar effect as a union or trade standards body , certainly could use some of IMCA ideas but with more authoruity as it comes from the actual people doing the job rather tha businessmen and bureaucrats and so called technocrats .

I like what justatot is proposing it just needs some fettling to get a working independant ROV association going .
I have pondered and pondered how we can get some numbers together for an association and I realised that it would be difficult from the start due to the past failures in helping our industry and the costs to our guys for zero return.

I am trying to put things together in some sensible form ,to show potential members, the possibility of what might happen in the future, if we can bond into a body, for the benefit of our future.

This route I have chosen,even though I have had many positive comments both openly and privately,seems to be easily bogged down.

For that reason I wish to offer a different tack.

I would like all ROV people ,who wish to be part of this, to show their willingness to participate ,by making contact with me.

Those people who do wish to participate, please spread the word and get other people to participate, until we have some workable numbers.

This will be at a cost of zero, and in return, I will firstly create a founder member register.I will create registered numbered certificates and get them to those members.
I will try to create a logo and possibly some sort of sew on overall badge and get them to you.
I will continue to work on our future needs and wants.
I realise this may allow some non suitable initial members who would like to scuttle the idea, but make no mistake,those people who do wish this to fail, will be weeded out at a later stage.

So gents the way I see it ,by doing this, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Please think carefully and lets get it started.I will update the numbers on here as we go and still have discussions on future policy here but in the mean time lets get this going in the background.
As of this time and date their is one registered founder member of the association known as IROVA.
I have created an IROVA specific email,please register your interest here........

All detail received will remain confidential to me alone at this time.

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I think this is a good idea and hopefully will protect us ROV personnel from the abuse that is happening right now.
How about getting the agencies' input about this proposal?
Let's see where this goes.
AsianStallion wrote:
....Don't wanna come across as negative or anything , but this all seems like hot air & bumping of gums!.....

Otherwise called a discussion which is what forums are used for.
For an association to get off the ground it must be discussed first. For an idea such as this there is no mileage in acting fist and asking questions later IMHO.
James Mc
Site Admin

Shocked Search First - Ask questions later Thumb Up
Thankyou Agrob
I look forward to your support
At this time the numbers stand at three and emails are coming in.
Does anyone want to have a stab at some artwork for a logo and a circular badge,Im sure there are many more capable than me.

Numbers are at four maybe we will hit double figures by the end of the day.
Thanks to all so far.
Numbers are now at 0008
I'll start a new thread on that subject.

justatot wrote:
Does anyone want to have a stab at some artwork for a logo and a circular badge,Im sure there are many more capable than me.

Numbers are at four maybe we will hit double figures by the end of the day.
Thanks to all so far.
James Mc
Site Admin

Shocked Search First - Ask questions later Thumb Up
Just to let you know that the first 24hrs of this association has produced 12 founding members.
Spread the word people lets make this happen for the good of us all.

I realise I havent posted much in the way of ideas in the last day but be sure I am very busy in the background for our good.

I am watching all posts and will respond as required.

Thanks to all support so far.
Just to keep you abreast of the situation.

Its looking like this may happen,the numbers are creeping up slowly but surely and I have been contacted now by a number of ROV companies wishing to support us.

It is my view that as the word spreads that numbers will accelerate and more companies will offer assistance.

There are many good companies out there who wish ,like us, to have a level playingfield and offer good professional people operating and maintaining their assets.

In general we only speak of the bad methods of some companies but with the fruition of this association then more good companies will be highlighted.

The future of our industry is or can be in our hands.

Please keep spreading the word and show us the numbers by registering your support at

and for general enquiries and questions.

Things are happening in the background in the forming of this association with the help of none other guessed it...........ROV people.

We are the only people who will help our industry as most of you are aware.This will happen if we get a majority together.

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