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ROVWork wrote:

I hope that this won't put you off potentially working with us in the future.


I personally can't see a reason why not to work through you. If dayrates and contract are good

Just submitt the lowest day rate bid for your job with them then you might get your CV submitted.

Then STR consultants can buy new Iphone4's with there commission bonuses.

Maybe after you have experenced dealing with them you will change your mind with what you write here.
Agents survive on profit.

Like a growing number of agencies and companies in our industry they are maximising their profits by giving jobs to the cheapest acceptable people who the client will accept.

As the IROVA grows then we should see a reduction in these methods of setting rates and making as much of our backs as possible.

The answer is in our own hands and I look forward to the building of our association which will address all of our problems in our industry.

At this time there are many complaints and greivences by both rov people and believe it or not some bone fide companies in what is happening in our industry.

Show that you really want something done about it by showing your support for the best chance we have had in controlling what is happening.

Please register at

If I want to continue getting grey hairs, then I want a sensible wage for it!
Don't do lowest!! As previous posts on here, will stay home and get things done with time

Thanks for your feedback, I could argue that you would be put across at your expected rate regardless, or mention again that we work on a percentage basis, and that I personally don't descriminate on rates, (I leave that to my clients) but not sure it would wash.

Whether the Mobile Phone jibe is in relation to me commenting on an earlier thread, or perhaps you know I have one from me emailing you from it, means we might know each other.

If you would like to PM me with your details, I'll be happy to remove you from our system, and refrain from further contact.

Andy Falconer
Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy Consultant
STR Group
0044 2392 322390
ROVWork wrote:

If you would like to PM me with your details, I'll be happy to remove you from our system, and refrain from further contact.

Fair comment.
James Mc
Site Admin

Shocked Search First - Ask questions later Thumb Up
As far as I can see, many agencies moved away from the traditional role of getting as much as possible for the employee and adding 10% on top, to bidders for lowest rates and maximum profits to themselves. The low rates for this year may be partially attributed to that. Main contractors are still getting serious money for our services from clients.
Client rep, Ops Supt
I think most people do not understand the big picture.

Its all about offer and demand. There used to be a time when agency guys would get better paid because of the lack of job security. When there was more work than people able to do the work. Hence rates went up. Agencies would negotiate a higher rate because in the end, if they had the man, they had power, and more money.

Now, the situation is the exact opposite. There are tons of people sitting, starving, getting in debts. ROV agencies are battling to get their guys out. Companies don't care who they hire as much as what they pay. There is no evil plot to srew us, just too many of us.

Agencies are not taking more profit than usual else the contract would go to another one for the same guy. I wouldn't even be surprised if agencies reduced their margin in order to secure a contract.

How many more years of this?

No one knows.

But its a cycle that has been going on since the beginning. The good news is that we, as an entity, are getting greedier. Next time the industry picks up, all us frustrated offshore workers will squeeze every cent out of them before they replace us with cheap labor.

Until then, do what you must to pay your mortgage.

Personally, with the fall of the GBP, I prefer working inland than going under 440GBP. But I can live with the fact that I only got 10 weeks of work in 2010.

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