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Can anyone add to these reasons for not getting the job?
1/ The clients using their own people
2/ The jobs been put back
3/ There is a delay for weather
4/ The jobs cancelled
5/ The client is not getting back to us
6/ We are still chasing it

Fantastic post Very Happy

7/ Some scab has undercut you (due to their stupidity)
8/ The agency asks you what your minimum day-rate is (ie will you do it for £50 a day less), than last year.
9/ We the agencies are just trawling for more "cheaper ""can do"" C.Vs"

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"one for all and all for one"
Great Post


Many of the newer agencies seem to be completely clueless as to how the industry has worked in the past and, more worrying, do not seem to know what the industry specific terms and words in your CV mean.

A mate of mine (OK someone I know) responded to an ad - on ROV world - specifically asking for UHD Schilling experience (it was spelt Shilling, a mistake anyone could make). When he got no reply from the agency he contacted them and was told "but your CV did not have UHD on it". When he pointed out that it did have 2 years of ACV it went a bit quiet.

I just hope the same agency are not looking for Seaeye experienced guys cos all I have is Tiger, Falcon, Lynx, Cougar, Panther and Jaguar - Shit I may never work again if HR experts get their claws in.

Perhaps some of them should reconsider a career in Politics - cos they are useless twats too.
Interesting thoughts Profannysaurus - but it could work in our favour too.

If the Agencies do not realise that Seaeye are owned by SAAB and ask for SAAB experience, I have both the SAAB Viggen fighter and SAAB 9000 car on my CV so I could well end up on an oil rig with a Tiger.

Were you suggesting that politicians or HR people were useless twats - or both?
those that can DO
those that cant TEACH
those that cant DO or TEACH - WORK IN PERSONNEL.
Where do they go when they find they are shite at that too then?
11) you don't have the relevant experience
12) 236 other people have already applied for the position before you
13) you don't have the certs
14) someone there knows and doesn't like you
15) the supt knows you, you're hot, he's worried you'll steal the show, he knocks you back to protect his position

Yeah, there's loads of reasons Laughing although No. 11 & 12 are probably the main ones.

16) You don't already have a valid Visa for the country we wish to send you to and the client will not pay for you to get one.

Seen this one appear quite a bit over the last 12 months or so. What's that all about?
James Mc
Site Admin

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andyrose wrote:
Where do they go when they find they are shite at that too then?

17) You missed out on the job because someone who has the same experience as you did decide to do the job for £20 per day less. But, he realised he is a commodity (the same as oil/gas) and weighed up the pros and cons of his situation. He had more than enough money in the bank to sustain him for a year or more, didn't wan't to dip into his hard earned cash and would rather be at sea doing the job he loves, even if it is for £600 per month less. He sees this as a valid sacrifice in times of uncertainty. He knows that when the price of oil picks up he will be first on the list of the agencies because he never let them down and will be a more valued commodity having worked consistently and regularly rather than driving lorries at home to "teach" the greedy oil and gas industry (better to work for 100 quid a day as a driver than £330 a day as an ROV guy...) a lesson.

Supply and demand, fact of life, more of something drags the price down and more of a demand drives it up. We are all caught up in this whether we like it or not.

Surely some people agree with me? I don't whore myself out for the lowest price but also would rather make money at doing what I enjoy.

17.1 subsection (a).

cut your own throat and those of others around you, while the "uncertainty" of the vast profits of the oil companies goes up and up and up, and the muppets go to work for less than their worth (perhaps peanuts).

17.1.......... you could grow some brass cahones and sit back and relax, without worrying about "what agencies think" about you, I think and I guess most people would also agree, that once the benchmark has been lowered by scabs, it will be harder for the rov brothers to get the wages back up, due to worrying workers sh!tting themselves.....unless you are worth what you ask and not less.

17.2 all for one and one for all ( scabs, weeds, imbeciles,nuggets, muppets, and all of you working for less than last years rates) get a grip Rolling Eyes


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330 Pounds per day??Are you serious?...Is this for an agency?.As I mentioned in another post,I was working for one of the bigger agencies in the UK in ROV 7 years ago for 350 Pounds per day.Today 7 years later they are still offering 350 Pounds per day.Does your cost of living never go up or something??..If it does then how in the hell are you going to pay your bills in 7 years from now when these agencies are still paying you 330 Pounds per day for your 12 hours per day,7 days a week..
Slightly off topic it always makes me laugh when you sometimes get a supervisor offshore who will have guys out working out on the ROV for 12 hours solid,always finding the guys stupid little jobs to do,whilst they sit there on the computer surfing the net..Well you are away from home for 24 hours a day,so you should be being paid for 24 hours a day??,so this stupid mentality that you are paid for 12 hours work,so you will work for 12 hours,is Mindless..
Ho Ho ho,

I bet there are some scabs working for way less than the £300 never mind the £330-£350 mark.................. Rolling Eyes Embarassed Rolling Eyes nuggets or muppets, which category will they own up to being in.


Senior $$ Mr. Green

"one for all and all for one"
I agree that if the day rate with this company was 350 per day 7 years ago the rate should be more today.

However, factor in more ROV bods on the floor and less ROV work at the moment means that the day rate is going to be lower than what we are used to. Of course I would love to earn more per day (everybody would) but I expect that as the oil price keeps increasing and the oil giants turn on the R and D tap along with exploration budgets getting the green light the day rates will return to a higher rate.

Maybe the good old days have gone? Day rates going down over a period of years rather than recovering/increasing?

Plumbers had a surge of people going into the industry and saturating it, maybe we have had our chips with the number of ROV guys coming into the industry... I hope not though and look forward to be in the position to earn the 400+ per day we used to.
Wrong hand shake Wink

or sexualaty

or you might be worth the job and find someone out !!.

I'm not bitter, just suck lemons.

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