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sitrep69 wrote:
I was a pretty good sous chef before... maybe... just maybe!

It wasn't in N'Orleans was it Scott? Shades of Apocalypse Now when riverine patrol boat cook shoots up jungle after seeing tiger.

"that man's too wound up for Viet Nam, Hell that man was too wound up for New Orleans"

Yes, yes I know I digress Wink

Heh, heh... couldn't be the Quarter cuz' I could never remember a full night there (as long as we're in the digression mode...) On topic again - $$$ and the GBP, no pay rises even 1/2 way through the boom, pay drops, pound falling thru the floor, and the most ridiculous - the oil companies that they are losing money compared to last year.... They would make a profit on $18/bbl (finished product).
I got your economic downturn right here!!!
Nautech wrote:
liddelljohn wrote:
so an agency gets paid in $ in jersey or singapore offers me a job in £ which i then have to convert back to $ ....hmmmmm seems every body the client,agency and the banksters win except me.

No John if we are paid in $ your rate is in $. If we get £ your rate is in £. In what currency it gets transfered to your bank is your choice.

but that was not what i meant.......The agencies are most of the time paid in US$ thats an established fact , but they offer you a rate in UK£ with no option to have a rate in $ even when you are in a $ zone not UK waters they make a bigger profit at your expense .
i have been on jobs in Middle East for instance where some of the guys are from one UK agency getting $ and others on the same ROV getting £ from another UK agency but the contract lets say its Fugro (could be another ) is paying the same rate to both agencies in $... i have seen the contracts so i know it happens.

The agencies may have office in Uk but their banks and legal entities are usually offshore so they dont have to insist on contract in £ only . i have been contracting for 28 years all over the world in telcomms , offshore and construction so i know how it all works.

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