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I've been advised that some of you may be "sceptical" of replying to agency posts.

I have been tasked with building up a pool of ROV personnel for future works, not only with our parent company DOF Subsea but also with other clients.

In order to be able to fill these positions I will need many CVs of all ROV disciplines.

Unfortunately I will not have time to post individual positions when they occur which is why I need a large pool of personnel.

To the many of you that have responded - thank you for your interest, I will respond to you as soon as I can. Please note that the email address is playing up so please keep trying if your email gets bounced back!

PS - thank you to the administrator for deleting my duplicate post Smile
Kerry Hadden

Exchange No 1
62 Market Street
AB11 5PJ
Thanks for posting, clarifying your strategy, advising who you represent. I also note that you have added full company contact information to your account which is excellent.

As long as you do respond to those that have sent CV's in then fine, but you may well be inundated with 100's of CV's and with the best will in the world might not be able to respond to all that send them in.

The reason for the admin note on the ... 'send us your CV because we need them type request' is because past experience has presented a few 'companies' on here fishing for CV's but with no real job's on offer.

Asking for CV's creates hope but ends in disappointment if they are apparently being fed into a bottomless pit without feedback on work in the pipeline.

Also you may wish to note that it is standard policy on here to lock posts advertising jobs, be they from Agencies or ROV operators.
This is to prevent 'word wars' breaking out between the OP and inquisitive (or otherwise) ROV techs looking for more info on the type of job, location, rates etc. Therefore, as most regular users of this site will know, if they want to get more info on a job then they must contact the Agency/Company directly.
If any members wish to discuss a certain job posted, they should create a new thread in the ROV Employment Discussion area, which is where this thread has been moved to for that very reason.

best regards
James Mc

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