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Hi, has anyone worked with Hydrodive in West Africa and can give any feedback on the company and personnel they employ i.e. is the company made up of British , South Africans , Italians , French nationals or local Angolan , Congolese , Nigerians or a mixture of nationalities?
I believe they may be more diving orientated than ROV , is this the case and if so are the dive supervisors British ?

Appreciate any feedback ,I am interested in that we may have to do ROV support for some diving work with them in the near future in Congo with ENI as client.
Hydrodive is a Nigerian Company but Run by Yanks and Brits Mostly.

They Employ a mix of Offshore Guys but in West Africa there would be a fair amount of Yarpie Divers there.

If its a ENI project there should be no problem really working with the Superintendant and Sat Supervisors or Air Supervisors.

As a Company its one of the only one's that operate out of Nigeria and pay its staff.

There Equipment sometimes lets them down as a company.

I have worked for them.

They did have some problems with there Sat System down there on a ENI contract on the S3000 possible this year.
As Deepseacon said Hydrodive is a Nigerian based company. You can really tell this when you have to deal with there office. I have worked with them for about 2 years now and was lucky to be on the work the did in Angola/Congo before. Yes they had lots of problems with their sat system over there. They had couple of systems over there on differant barges. I was luck to be on the other barge not the S3000. Over all the gear and the guys that where working in Angola/Congo where a good bunch of guys and we had lots of fun.
Just interested! you say you might have some work with them soon, what are the chances pf PM me with what you know about the job and other details. Wink
Croc diver , if there is more info, no problems to share this with you, should hear more in around 7-10 days.
The SAT system I think is going to be used for this work but that's a couple of times now I see it has had problems , do you know what they were and if they are fixed?
Brodie i am not sure about all the problems they had as i was on the other barge. But i had couple of mates on there. I do know that the main problem was they were having problem getting a seal on the system. But thay one was sorted out. As far as i am aware from my mates on it everything was sorted. There where some other non equipment issues. I will see what i can find out from the diving side about the work.

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