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Hi Gents!

I was reading through the web. And follow the advise to read rookie section, so I did.

All as one saying that electical, electronic, hydraulic, or technical background is essential to be a rov pilot.
I will appreciate if someone can explain what to expect in my case.
I am ukranian, ship's engineer since 1998 all the time work offshore, got rov cert2. in August.(Subnet Services , Philippines).
I have sent my cv and call but max. I get is no vacancies.
Being a ships engineer will stand you in good stead for an ROV job. I know a Ukranian ROV Pilot/Tech that was a radioman in the Soviet Navy. He therefore has an electronic background and it was fascinating to find out that the Soviet Navy required him to memorise the circuit diagrams!

Getting into ROV may be a bit difficult at present but persist and you may get in.
Thank You for such an ecouraging reply ROVratt.
Get closer to your intended career.

Try to get a transfer as a ships engineer to an ROV boat, then talk to the guys. That way you will have more information available than not working on an ROV boat.
James Mc
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