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James, the title of the post is"RMT Slams SS7 on pay/condirions through hiring cheap labour".

There is no mention of the North Sea in the title, although the RMT may be a Brirtish uni0n, SS7 is reperesented globally and employs personnel from many countries.

If one of the reasons for SS7 being able to hire cheap labour is due to African politics or any other politics, is it not relevant or fair comment to post those reasons?

British politics appear on this forum all the time and no one castigates the posters for this. Is this still an international forum or is it now British North Sea biased?
Of course this site is not North Sea biased and discussing other countries offshore/work woes is not off limits.. but the RMT is based in the UK and this thread is in the unions section so it is most likely going to be about the UK union and what they have said about SS7 .... it stands to reason that it would be SS7 activities in the North Sea that the RMT made a statement about.
How we ended up discussing the problems on workers (no matter what colour) getting jobs is SA is not on topic, no matter how it came about.

I, and probably many of our members, have no objection to other countries unions and work issues being discussed but how about starting a thread to that effect rather than hijacking this one? After all nobody is saying you cannot discuss SA work... just not in this thread about the RMT and SS7 employing cheap foreign labour.

Why is it that when I try to get things on track people pop up and try to point the finger at me by suggesting that I am being unfair or bias towards a certain group? You just can't please all the people all the time eh?
James Mc
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