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scotbeve wrote:
Simply put... you cut your own deals... Until there is a set, standard table of rates, one has to sell oneself. Or a offshoorhoor...

Well said, Well said

How the Thai Chilli farming going, I like those you bring with you!

And did your mrs buy you that 5 series?
luckyjim37 wrote:
What exactly are rates relative to.

A philipino living in the philipines and a British expat living in the Philipines do not go on ROV jobs on the same rate although they do live in the same country and theoretically should have the same minimum living costs.

Not necessarily Jim.. You'll find that the cost of living is usually higher for expats... Even if it is because they have to pay for certain creature comforts they miss from home.. No to mention A/C and Health insurance/pension etc.
scotbeve wrote:
sedco wrote:
Crickitt's post does not make much sense anymore. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Bring back the billyboy!!!! Laughing Laughing

That's because the image was changed by the OP.

I have also just deleted the last post by the user seecostky because it was totally off topic.

This is supposed to be a discussion about employment not a kiddies play pen.
As has been said often before stay on topic or don't post!
James Mc
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