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Don't forget the Irish concern Very Happy
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
effinreps wrote:
The last British monarch to be born outside the UK was George the 2nd born in Hanover Germany in 1638, who reigned from 1727 to 1760.

That would make him 122 when he died.... wow Smile
Typo, should be 1683.
Lostboy, Arnie can do everything he pleases including standing on his head farting Yankee Doodle but he cannot get past the legislation requiring a President of the United States to have been born there.

Heres some more history for the ill informed and uneducated. What was Lord Louis Mountbattens name before he changed it in WW2? Also, what was the royal families' name before being changed to Windsor? Thanks for the logic Effinreps but I was hoping he Brits would see the tongue in cheek humour and someone else would respond. Ah well, win some lose some.

Funny enough, the Kenyans and most of Africa see Obama as a Kenyan or African.

I obviously did miss the tongue in cheek humour, probably in the same way you missed the irony in my post.

effinreps wrote:
So you have to be born there to run for office? Like Arnie was?

Ah! the penny drops!

"Is it cos I is black"

Barak Obama-President elect

Anyway this is not the real point, there has always been light hearted banter on this site between US UK and Aus. However, occasionally there has been the odd idiot who has taken things beyond the acceptable with personal insults and abusive posts.

Unfortunately Backwoods falls into this category, check out some of his previous posts. I will not descend to his level, suffice to say that some of his xenophobic rants are unacceptable and have caused offence. So it is of little surprise that anything he now posts is replied to with suspicion and contempt. Similarly anyone who appears to be siding with him, whether real or perceived, is treated the same. I suppose it’s a case of guilt by association, and I guess any humour etc is missed because the Red Mist has descended due to the nature of past post.

I apologise for missing your humour for the reasons explained above. By the way, the Windsor family were Saxe-Coberg, Mountbatten was Battenberg, both changed in 1917 (WW1 not WW11). 1st US president was John Hansen, elected by congress not by the people, he was followed by 6 others before GW was elected by the people under the constitution. Finally 50 US states and one Federal District. Sorry to be an anorak but history is one of my pet topics.

One final thought, and this is not directed at you ROVRatt so please don’t take offence.

Some people manage to get into the gene pool when the lifeguard is off duty Very Happy

Last edited by effinreps on 20:22 Thu 08 Jan 09; edited 1 time in total
Now that....................... Is funny Laughing
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
laughed!....I almost spilt me tea Very Happy
There's something to be said for British humour Very Happy
Laugh in the face of adversity
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
No offence taken Effinreps. Also, thank you for putting your point across so decently.

I intended Backwoods to answer the questions though, as this would have caused a bit of research and hopefully the realisation that all is not as was taught in school. I find that when doubts are raised about commonly believed factoids (Factoid - Information falsely but commonly perceived as fact), other facts tend to be questioned untill confirmed, leading to a healthy scepticism which may eventually lead to an informed instead of blinkered viewpoint.

Education, after all, is not a collection of qualifications but rather an awareness of and adherence to a developed yet intangible value system.

Enjoy the skinny dip in the gene pool!
Aagh Smile You mean the perception of History was not as one learnt at school and that not all news in the "Sun" news paper is legite Very Happy
That the moon is not made of cheese and it was in fact the British that cracked the Enigma machine codes plus the Choo Choo train Very Happy
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing


A small amount of knowledge can cause people to think they are more expert than they really are.


"A little learning is a dangerous thing; drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring: there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, and drinking largely sobers us again."

Alexander Pope Wink
People and Senators, do not be afraid.
Don't run away; stand still. Ambition's debt has been paid !
Brutus Very Happy
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
All very well to say Fraud , because he said change , So you think that the American economy has being working just dandy for the last five years and should not be Altered in any way Confused
That the everyday person should not "Hope" that their house will not be repossessd after the factory they were working in selling cars goes into liquidation ?
Hmmmm interesting Shocked
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
Brigs34 wrote:

'Mr. Clean' Obama has a deeply dirty background, but for now no scale of evidence will stop the swooning Obama zombies from believing the hype or burst their reality bubble.

I am not American and therefore don't have a vested interest in the argument and as such cannot be be described as a swooning Obama zombie. But I believe in fairness and as such, the above quotation contains sweeping allegations. Please provide those of us with a neutral stance the allegations of Obama's dirty background so that we can research them and make up our own minds as well as engage in debate with you.

Concerning your comments on the slave trade, are you aware that it was the Arabs that enslaved the Africans centuries before the Europeans got involved? It was also those reviled colonialists, the British, that put an end to the slave trade. There are always more sides to a story than is apparant.

Why has the world only got revulsion and blame for the Europeans regarding slavery instead of directing it at the Arabs, in whose country it still exists? Ask any Bangladeshi in Saudi that works for a bowl of rice a day.
The United States has my fingerprints, name, address, family history, place of birth, photograph and plenty of other information on file just because I wanted to visit the United States! You won't believe the red tape that has to be waded through to visit the USA and its just got worse.

You want to tell me they don't have this info on the Obama family? The Immigration Service and neither the Department of Homeland Security knows where he comes from? No one in these services has bothered to look into the allegations? The Republican Party hasn't called for an enquiry? The newspapers or CNN hasn't seen the makings of a scandalous story that could sell hours of airtime and miles of newsprint during a time of recession?

So, Brigs34, please keep us informed about this unrecorded US citizens status with the authorities. I haven't noticed any news reports of civil servants or officials running around corridors with their heads up their bums turning cabinets upside down looking for proof of his citizenship or background.

Why should he prove he was born in the USA anyway? Surely thats up to his accusers or the courts? You know, that constitutional thing about being innocent till proved guilty?

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