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As you are pretty well aware of (I assume), the lockout systems now are well ALMOST idiot-proof. There was still an incident 1 1/2 yrs. ago with one of the big players.... procedures (and they were drawn up well) weren't followed and none of that particular crew were hi-volt certed.

Do you recall (or heard) of AUC's S'pore (Frank Vespa days) first Rigworkers (17 & 1Cool and the old alpha-keys the PDU had? It took 6 to 8 keys to get into and the keys had to be opened in a certain order. The downside to this was the extra space it consumed! I believe this idea was taken from the RN if I'm not mistaken... NOTE: those Rigworkers, electrically, came a long way since serial #'s 1 - 5.
I got your economic downturn right here!!!
rayshields wrote:

You just cannot teach common sense and companys fail to check for it.

Do you have a simple test that I can use to check for it?

Antiquis temporibus, nati tibi similes in rupibus ventosissimis exponebantur ad necem
all just to clarify a little regarding the drum incident,

Ray it happened offshore not in the base please be careful when putting information on a forum like this.

the tech has worked with these systems for over 10 years with 4 or 5 years offshore approx , there were many contributing factors one being the design of a JB being inside the winch and the access on such a small scale only the smallest person could go in.

(this has been changed to a sliding tray, as are others as they come through the workshop)

i for one cant believe anybody would use a heat gun on CFC any CFC but from talking to other people after this incident it wasnt as uncommon as one would think.
Use this news flash as it is supposed to be used as a warning of what can go wrong when certain procedures are not followed, STOP and THINK before doing tasks, if you have to squeeze yourself into a tight space ask yourself why, bring it up with your supervisor supt, manager. Something like this goes unnoticed because people use the term 'íts always been this way' doesnt mean its right.

the person burnt is back at work and is a very good worker so please dont speculate the whys and what nots, just make sure that when you conduct any task it is done safely so you too do not become a statisic

with thanks MR

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