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Anyone heard of this company,

It look like they are based in Nigeria, got a mail from they where they want me to fill out a Personel data form, with passport id nr, my account nr etc etc.

Just got a bad taste in my mouth, after all the nigera scams ive heard about.

But hey, this could be a serious company for all I know.
I dont think I would send that much info to a company I didnt know, I've never heard of them but that does not mean they arnt legit.

I was asked to go back there recently. Bugger that!! There's plenty of work around just now elswhere. Look at Dan,s last post.

Later dude

Be very careful, and think about how much information you want to send these people...if any at all

I went to the website you linked... ... where they say
"We are the sole representative of Cormon Limited of Aberdeen in Nigeria and West Africa"

However, when you go to Cormon's website ... they don't call themselves Cormon Limited of Aberdeen, just Cormon they have lots of offices and agents....however, none in West Africa! The following link is to the Comon office/agent locaions :

Hope this helps
Gina McLauchlan
Webmistress & Forum Admin
Well, do you really need to go to Nigeria? Would advice you to rethink that, there are other options around

Send meg en PM så kan jeg fortelle mer.
I have just had a quick look at their website. When you dig a little deeper you will see that although the company may exist they tout a massive amount of offshore support capabilities, too much for what looks like a new kid on the block.

The concern I would have working for an outfit like that is getting your money. You would have absolutely no way of getting to them if they gave you the run around on the pay front.

There are plenty of other less risky looking opportunities around at the moment.

They get a BIG Thumb Down from me.
James Mc
Site Admin

Shocked Search First - Ask questions later Thumb Up

Think very carefully about personal security when replying to companies or job-hunting, posting your CV/Resume online or by post etc.
There are plenty of dodgy people out there trying to get hold of info so that they can steal your identity, empty your bank account or open credit accounts in your name, make false passports and ID's etc.

Only give minimal contact details away e.g. mobile/cellphone number only NOT your home landline number; an email address but NOT home postal address (general area/country you are located in is ok).

Obviously you need to be reasonably contactable by potential employers / agencies etc, but don't give info they don't actually need for the initial contact, certainly until you have been able to verify they are legit.

Don't need passport details/Nos. to be shown on CV, just the fact that you have a current one and what nationality you are. Don't have e.g. scanned passport pages/photos etc available for anyone to see online.

They don't need your bank account details, certainly not initially. If you do accept a job with a company/agency then at that stage they obviously may need specific passport details/copies/scans of various certificates etc, and details to enable them to pay you somehow, and maybe a postal address etc.

Perhaps have a separate bank account just for company/agency payments into, with a minimum balance kept in, and a block on any payments/transfers out unless specifically authorised by you. Transfer money into your main account when it comes into your 'invoicing' account. So if criminals etc do somehow get hold of your details, they can't clean out all your savings.
Same applies when buying things online etc; use a separate low credit limit credit card account solely for online transactions (and also for use when travelling to dodgy areas where card cloning is rife).

If you are careless with your bank account details, passport details, home address and phone numbers, marital/family status, current location info (i.e. whether you are at home or away offshore), you leave yourself wide open to criminals.

You might as well post an advert saying:
"Here is my address and home phone number, I'm away offshore for 4 weeks, I have a wife and 2 kids, here's a picture of them on my homepage - why not break into my house (phone first to check), burgle my house and do nasty things to my family while I'm away".

It may sound a bit paranoid, but there are many con-artists, scammers and organised criminals about, masquerading as businesses etc., also many pyschos and perverts walking the streets and online ('care in the community'). I've actually seen people posting all the above info (and more) online. As for Nigerian companies, steer well clear.

Be especially wary of new comapnies/agencies not heard of or had recommended to you. Visit company offices if possible to verify legit, get payment terms and conditions, job specific details in writing/email before go on job.

stay safe

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