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Posted: 16:02 Wed 4th Oct 2006 Post subject:
If you managed to get as far as the final 14 interview stage for an ROV trainee position at Fugro/Rovtech, but were unsuccessful this time, the odds are that you probably stand a better than average chance in future applications elsewhere than most applicants would.

Pity that they would not give you feedback on weak points, although you should usually have a good idea yourself of where a job interview has gone wrong or of your own weak points. Probably worth trying to plug any gaps and perceived weak points and keep trying. Meantime you could always go for other non-ROV offshore technician jobs to get experience of the offshore sector.

There are many factors apart from your engineering experience/qualifications etc that are looked for in potential ROV trainees, such as ability to live and work away from home for extended periods, teamwork, flexibility, adaptability, initiative, willingness to learn new skills, willingness to take a step down to start as a trainee again etc.

good luck

woo hoo second post

cheers for the feedback Very Happy ,thing is i am 35 next august and if im going for a change in career i would like it to happen before im 35 . Just wish i followed up looking to get into this industry 4 years ago when i was sub contracted out at subsea7 ,and be it not on the tech-mech side.It was building the alum chassie frames for hercs,cent,pion,and various tooling projects ,but i did not know that much about tech,hyd,elec side of things so thought ill get some tech ,mech experience before applying. And now ive got that im really looking to get on trainee progs where you can learn vast amounts more than i actully know about in the above subjects. As they say knowledge is power but knowledge is no use if you dont get to demonstrate it

Think i will email Dave Mckay to see if he would give me back some feedback as not heard anyhthing from Helen yet

i think im going to look into doing my survial to make me look a better trainee prospect ,but think ive used up most of my hols ...."think i feel a tory holiday coming up " Laughing Laughing only Aberdonians will under stand that last comment .

now where is that spell check button
Hello Temp,

Yes, I'll make the Rookie stuff priority from the old forum and at the moment it's easier for me to add it back into the forum. Then later when James and I are at home together we can work out the best into to go into the FAQ section.

How does that sound?

Gina McLauchlan
Webmistress & Forum Admin
Cheers, I see you have already carried over a few threads from old forum.

I would have thought Dave M would give you feedback - if you can actually get through to him on phone/email, although I guess he's a pretty busy chap. He actually took me on as a trainee back in 1992 at a previous company. They must have thought you had something suitable to have asked you to go for interview. Companies have to be a bit wary nowadays about how they word any feedback from interviews - what with all the employment laws, anti discrimination etc.
Sundodger wrote:

There is a maritime college in South Shields, Newcastle, and it is good. That's where I do my refreshers. But depending where you are in UK, there might be a centre closer to you. Which might save you from having to fork out for accommodation on top of the course fees.

Whereabouts in UK are you?

Where abouts in Newcastle?

Im from Hartlepool so its a stone's throw away.

Cheers for the info. Im in Southport just above Liverpool and not to far from Fleetwood where I now know there is a nautical college. I was looking at their courses and will probably do my COET there. Are you up around the Aberdeen area?
Details of South Tyneside Colledge Maritime centre are at

The centre is in South Shields just up river from the North Shields/South Shields ferry landing station.
Trying to get to......somewhere.

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