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Here's another one for you to watch out for if your shipping out from Asia.

used to be called the Bodoh supplier, damn cheek to change the name to ROV supplier as it's totally unsuited to ROV op's. It's a shallow draft vessel and rocks n rolls like you won't believe, even in a half meter or less of swell. You will be working up to your knees in sea water. Lots of fun doing reterms. Thats only if you can lift the ROV off deck while the boat is rolling without it swinging around and crushing the other crew members first.
No decent DP op worth his salt wants to work on it. So the DP ops are always crap, the boat will always wander over the top of your tether during ROV ops no matter how often you call them to correct. That plus numerous run offs

The food is not fit for human consumption and does not even meet the international seamens agreement for minimum amounts of protein, vegetables etc. In fact there are never any vegetables AT ALL!

Anything else they try and pass off as food is always deep fried until it is a soggy stodgy mess resembling something from a diesel engine sump.

The galley is always filthy and stacked high with dirty dishes . They usually leave it like that until they all crash on the floor and break because of the rocking boat .

But hey wait, Thats ok because its all Halal certified for Malaysian opearations

They could get decent food at least, on this boat but it seems a deliberate means of making a few extra dollars by the owners and or operators at the expense of the welfare of the crew.

Avoid this vessel if you can!
Hey looking for Seadogg, as he was talking about the ROV Supplier, I've started for a company that's just brought this boat from Trinity, and are re-fitting it. Was wondering if he could shed some more light on it.

I've worked on another Trinity vessel before the Volans, and that was shocking, as well at the Trias in Russia thats got food worse than prison.

Anyway you mentioned it rolls real bad.

Would you rate it as "un-repairable" and avoid like the plague

Appreciate any more info.

i reckon old joel will get the accommodation and galley sorted out during refit. You'll probably get ok food to, what with it being run by new owners.

The thing is, the rolling! It is a shallow draft vessel. ok if you want to get in close to shore to run a pipeline or something but utterly useless in any seas over half a meter.

I'm no naval architect but maybe if they fit a huge bilge keel along the sides and ballast it down to the max, it may show some improvement.

If your headed for fair seas and calm water it could be ok ? but i wouldn't hold my breathe otherwise.

Anyway best of luck and let us all know how it goes and if they have improved her

I heard old Joel is paying good rates so just think of the extra fun tokens your raking in, as you hang puking your heart out over the side
As far as I know, ROV supplier was built as a river tugboat or something similar in Germany.
There isn't even a staircase from the accommodation to the bridge.
Food variety and cleanliness depends on the client and the charterer, I was on board a year ago as a rep, we also had a medic on board who made sure the galley was clean. We had few port calls in Sarawak so plenty of fresh fruit and veg.
She rolled like a pig, the extra accommodation containers raised the center of gravity, very low freeboard, Shell insisted on building raised walkways about 30cm off the deck.
We could not work once the sea was over 1.5m. The containers had 2 man cabins, shared bathrooms between every 2 cabins. No recreation oom / Gym etc etc.
Client rep, Ops Supt
Cheers for the heads up and info on the vessel. I'm not sure what the refits are going to be about, I'm too far down the food chain.

I know the boats working in Australia, for ROV and survey work. All container based work areas, so that will add to the centre of gravity issues.

I'm sure they are fitting a raised deck to avoid getting washed over board and maybe a few puke buckets sounds like a good idea. I've gone from the Southern Supporter to this boat... not a good choice I think. That boat was sweet. Wouldn't know if its was force 6 outside great boat in rough seas.
The "Count Turk" is not that bad if you have been on some of the boats in south east asia were the bath rooms and toilets are bad like poo floating up and down on the floor while your brushing your teeth or were the locals stand on the loo and shit all over the place .

But dont leave any thing laying on your bed on the Turk as it will go missing .

Subman said:
The "Count Turk" is not that bad if you have been on some of the boats in south east asia were the bath rooms and toilets are bad like poo floating up and down on the floor while your brushing your teeth or were the locals stand on the loo and shit all over the place .

The idea of use this forum is to name the "Crappy Vessels" in order that anybody could know where he or she is heading to. Most of us had been in terrible places before, but that should be "crying out loud" in front of a cold beer.
Try to keep yourself away from that "lovely" vessels.
thought I'd shove this one up...

Conditions of sale.....
Talk in anger and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret.
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Here's another Italian vessel to join the sh.... list.
Mare Oceano and is know working in W. A. Pretty old, sh... accomodation, share bathroom, rolls & pitching, ect
Stay away from it , it's too late for me thoug.
The only thing is the food, heavy Italian stuff but good taste.
Conco three Evil or Very Mad
Been on Mare Oceano myself and it is all RS says it is and more. Another to go with it is "Sentinel". Another Italian vessel registered in good (?) old Napoli.
Think of Mare Oceano, but take the sh*tty water out of the lower deck accommodation and substitute it with crap food, bad guts and a crane that does 1/2 metre a second flat out!
Trying to get to......somewhere.
I'll second the Sentinel...
I got your economic downturn right here!!!
Did the Count Turk for 5 weeks....... Sad so when do we get this list going??

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