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Hello everybody,

we are a team with a manager and 2 ROV pilot thecnician with a ACHILE M4 included in a 20 foot container ready to rent.

if you are interested to details like price .....etc
send email to
surely can't be that hard to spell technician or 'ACHILE' i thought it was ACHILLE.

good luck in finding work and using spell checker.
can you give me some specs/ photos of it and some info on availability/ cost

Try sending him an email.. Wink
hi good day,

the price is 5000 euros per day with 2 technician pilot and 3.4u
My ROV never fail,the rov is located in angola just finished a inspection project to total fina elf
that is the price.......
David - link here - it's a french rov.
F*****G hell you got be joking, 5000 euro a day i hope that is a typo or you are mad, rough calculation at todays rate thats £3500, I was talking to a project manager the other day and he was saying that he just hired out a spanking new (not even been in the water yet) 3000 meter Heavy work class system, TMS, A frame, 3500 meter winch and all the gubbins that go with it for just under a grand a day, and you want 5000 euro for an antique eye ball and two french techs.
HA HA HA HA funniest thing i have read in years, good luck on getting it hired out, and if you do get 5000 euro a day for it please tell me so i can congratulate you on your, clearly fantastic negotiation skills.

Sorry but that is just F******G unbelievable but again good luck on getting 5000 euro a day for it, O and two french techs.
ok my friend

thanks for you information ,but your manager is not improving the business for you as well.

that is the price for a rov with aframe,tms,reaching 600 meter...
this industry understand about country frooommm
what do you think about COMEX?[/list][/url]
I dunno, this market place is full of anomalies....

i think his is a "spot-market" rate rather than long term contract rate? even so, if that is the market rate, I'm wanna grab a 600. Laughing - think these are typically out at 600-700/day or thereabouts.

For a better comparison though you need to know what your project manager contracts your tech-services out at - now see if he answers that Laughing Laughing - a lot of operators make the majority of their money on the boats and crewing - a low day-rate on the vehicle is also sometimes preferrable.

Some of the contracts agree downtime occurs on the vehicle day rate whilst leaving boat/crew rates unaffected.
It does seem awfully expensive Confused
You still talking in pounds or dollars ?
$1200 a day for the system is reasonable.
Mind you if the job is 'On the spot , We are very desperate as we have lost our big ROV could you look for it please 'ause we will lose alotamoney
contract' Smile You can write ya own cheque out Very Happy
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
I absolutely love this bold statement from Achille! Shocked
My ROV never fail,

Pay peanuts...get monkeys!
Get trained by monkeys...get paid peanuts!
Stultus est licut stultus facit.
Es debilem vinculum, vale!
I do know what the techs go out at a day, putting a supervisor a sub eng and a pilot out and its still not even close to the 5000 euro a day matey boy is looking for, and we are talking full on state of the art work class not some looks like it was built in a shed 250 meter rated thing.
"My ROV never fail" should hope not with the amount of cash you will have left over for spares!
I think you found Achilles vulnerable spot there ROV_VALLEY_COMMANDO
(To long a bloody name that ! Confused I'll call ya RVC from now on Smile )
The ROV in question , is in fact , Three ROV's Smile
One to work , Two to put in the water if the first breaks down and the third just in case the second one breaks down ....................There for no break down time Smile
Simple ! It's the French way Very Happy
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
Like yer way of thinking lostboy, but even if you had 3, M4 what ever they fek they are called it still doesn't equate to 5000 euro, not even close! even with the market the way it is at the mo.

Any way maunge tout marlene maunge tout,

Avec , a leeeetle wine , A leeeeetle cheese Very Happy
Mon Deau Very Happy
Tres bien
Typical frenchiez le Plunger Very Happy
I've got a feeling it's pressure from Brussels myself Confused
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !

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