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HI there,

Can anyone tell me which companies are working in lovely India.


I heard Allseas are out there, don't know how true it is but heard figures of around 250 a day not sure if thats £ or $. either way its pretty naff.
TS Marine are also heading that way along with a few others.
Fugro will have 2 boats out there most of next year doing ROV work.
Thanks for the info guy's. have you maybe got contact details for Fugro.
Sounds like you know a good heading from a bad one.

If i was you i definatley wouldn't let my Gyro home in Fugro nor would i slew it to TS Marine! Smile
Gyrohead wrote:
Thanks for the info guy's. have you maybe got contact details for Fugro. and look up details for Aberdeen office. Otherwise if you are Agency ask your Agency to contact them about India work.
Technip have a couple of boats going down there for a new year start. They should be down there for a while.
Hallin Marine have a few systems working the Indian Sector.

Why are you looking for a rotation off india?
I look forward to tapping my feet to the tunes of bangrah. what is the water quality like out there?
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Did a job there earlier this year and enjoyed it. Flight time from home is also relative short. Also have a valid India Visa.

Once again thanks for all the info.
TS Marine just lost their 3 year contract in India, so forget them.
Is It tru that TS MARINE lost the contract to FUGRO
Rolling Eyes
From what I can read on the Internet.....
TS Marine didn't lose the contract as such. The contract they had with Deepocean didn't proceed and therefore a mutual arrangement was reached between TS Marine and Deepocean.

The original work was offered in India by Reliance Industries with Deepocean being awarded the contract.

Deepocean needed a boat and work class ROV's for the project hence the introduction of TS Marine with the Rem Etive with it's dual built in workclass systems.

A while back Deepocean issued a statement into the public domain to the effect that they could not negotiate terms with Reliance Industries without exposing themselves to an unnaceptible level commercially. For a more detailed take on this see

So, Deepocean chose not to proceed with the contract, to protect their interests. So they didn't lose the contract either.
This then meant that TS Marine's involvement, i.e. the Rem Etive c/w ROV's was no longer required for that particular project by Deepocean. TS Marine issued a statement to that effect last week, also now in the public domain.


As to who has the contract now? Anyone's guess. I can't find anything on-line about it at the moment. No doubt Ron (our resident news hound) will pull something out of the hat at some point.

I heard Canyon.. you say Fugro... Rumour control takes over from here until such times as a statement is issued.
James Mc
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I wandered round all the companies in loyang a few weeks ago and most will have work in India next year as the Indian government pushes for more enrgy resources.

but India is very bureaucratic and some projects will be delayed.

Also quotas for indian techs /vessels may be applied .

Helix's MSV Express is in the Bay of Bengal working for Allseas. Canyon is one of the sub contractors using 3 XLS systems on board.

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