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Well right at the bottom in small print is :-
Due to the volume of applications and the limited positions, Fugro reserves the right to withdraw this vacancy prior to the closing date.

As for next year well its a good time to get some more courses done as every year someone comes out with a new requirement .
thanks martin/kalbo!

Good post. Good luck! Thumb Up
The last big dip I recall was around 85/86. I started offshore in 85 as a diver.... didn't look back!

One thing I have always done is made sure there is enough money around (buffer/rainy day fund - call it what you wish) for what could be a quiet period and also any winter/low season It's never been good practice to burn your cash over the winter/low season and EXPECT work to be there when you need it most!

If you are one of those that has been in the industry a few (recent) years working away, expecting work all year around every year, keeping up with the Jones's, hocked up to the eyeballs with mortgage, car loan etc then you'll likely crash and burn next year if you are not useful to the system.

I've lost count of the number of UK based boats I've been on where people were talking about buying the latest whiz bang super motor as they can 'afford it' (seemingly). A few might regret that ill conceived decision in the coming year!

Just re-read what I wrote and this has turned into a bit of a doom and gloom post, but it really is a reality check!

If you are working on a tight budget then start offloading anything that will drag you under I say. Sell that super car and get something sensible or older. If the wife has to go then so be it Wink
Sorry T Boy the down turn I am referring to is due to the drop in oil prices and nothing to do with the seasonal drop which as we both know is normal this time of year .
This is the type of thing I mean

Agency's have been around a very long time and unfortunately there are good ones and bad ones .As for getting people on there books the last thing you need when searching for employment is a load of fake jobs .

When you have a mortgage to pay and a family to support any information on finding employment is useful domain or any others .
My intentions with this list is to give those some idea how many agency's there are out there dealing with Rov Personnel and not the few that flood this forum .

As for going direct or via agency that's up to the individual however we all ready know from reading past topics on this forum how much money the agency earns off your back money that should be in your pocket and not there's.

So the choice is yours !
Part of the info is here:
The Introduction to ROV Training Course is 26 days in duration. The course is demanding with classes held 7 days per week. Only ROV Technical and Operational specific curriculum is taught. Course size will be limited to 12 students, to ensure a high Instructor / student ratio.
Please, keep in mind the course is pretty expensive- about 12000 USD.
Best wishes!
HI Guys,

Hope you are well,

I am currently looking for the below..

Project no: 1

Personnel: 2x ROV Sup and 4x Pilot Tech
SOW: ROV Survey
Location: Dubai
Mob date: ASAP
Duration: Approx 2-4 weeks
Vehicle: Seaeye Vehicle TBC
Please note a valid HS2 certificate will be required

Project no: 2

Personnel: 1x ROV Sup & 2x ROV Pilot tech
SOW: Rig move positioning
Location: Qatar
Mob: 15th January 2015
Duration: 7 to 20 days
Vehicle: Seaeye Vehicle TBC
Please note a valid HS2 certificate will be required

Please send your updated CV to or call 01502 509205.
jamesmc wrote:
People..... the original post was Posted: 19:22 Sat 13th Jun 2009

Are you seriously expecting the OP to respond after 5 years???

Well they are based in the swamps, things happen a little slower over there. I was just giving them some time to get their R and D sorted before we asked for some pix Wink

Guess they're just camera shy.....

OliverPMP are you on some kind of hallucinogenic drug? Laughing
Thanks Ray,
They have paid tax, just not correctly. It more the annoyance of being sent somewhere to work then having to sort my own tax affairs out when they have messed up. Im waiting to see what happens then i might see if my union rep can earn some of his money.
Morning all,

I hope you are all well today!

Please see below for ROV Personnel for Canada

ROV Pilot tech / Sub Eng / Supervisor
Schilling HD / UHD experience
Duration TBC

If you are interested and available please forward your CV and certificates to or call +44 1502 509387

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