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My wife and I have bout had it with our current state of being. We are thinking about hopping around and heading up North for a bit and I was curious if any of you Canadian folks could give me an idea of cost of living etc... I know there aren't alot of details here about where, but truth is I don't know. Maybe... somewhere where the beers cold and food good Smile
thanks for the help Gents.

Start Date: 1st September
Duration: 4 week trip , further rotations available
Location: Dutch waters
Activity: trenching
Equipment: Trencher
Certification Requirements: Offshore medical & Survival

Client is looking for an experienced ROV Supervisor with a strong trenching background

If you are interested in the above post and feel you meet the minimum requirements, please contact Seatechs on +44 (0)1429 868543 or email quoting the job reference number.
Hi Guys,

Hope you are well,

I am urgently seeking an ROV Supervisor for the below.

Position: ROV Supervisor
Start date: Friday 22nd August
Vessel name: Petro Saudi Discoverer
Location: Tunis
Scope of work: Drill Support
ROV System: Explorer

Please email or call 01502 509205 if you are interested.
I seem to recall doing some tests with my brother about the efficiency of 2 , 3 and 4 blades ........... The higher the torque , speed . 4 blades worked out the most efficient. The smaller the motor less blades as resistance is less.
Payload is the buoyancy less weight to make it neutral in other words the 20 kilos of weight needed to make it neutral.
The easier the water Flows THROUGH the vehicle is better for Commercial use for one main reason which is accessibilty to units for replacement or service which means less downtime. An Enclosed ROV .... meaning an ROV which is 'Streamline' .......... If every 'Chunk' / 'Block' / Edge is smoothed over to get less resistance usually involves extra Covers to make it so. or the buoyancy shaped around the main frame. Bloody time consuming and easy to crack or weak points.............. Fibreglass or Plastic moulded sheeting ..... No difference !
You say 20 amps but what size Shaft are you using ? What Voltage is supplied to the motor , what length of Umbilical are you intending the ROV to pull , what depth rating ? Send me a PM . I'm interested to know.
Name this Robot competition
I deleted a reply to a post in this section the other day. It was posted by someone that thought it might be funny to post a flippant remark about an item for sale in this forum.

Think of it from the sellers perspective.
If they get the piss taken out of them or the product they are selling do you think they'll want to post items for sale again on this site?

Think of it from a buyers perpsective.
The fact that an item for sale may not be the latest whiz bang up to date piece of kit on the 1st world market doesn't mean to say that it might not be of interest to those trying to make a living in poorer parts of the world. They may simply not have the budget to purchase the latest bit of gear but might be pleased to purchase a bit of kit that was in fact 'state of the art' not too many years back!

So.. please think about both parties before posting snide remarks about kit for sale eh?
Location: Norge waters on 10/09/2014

Dear Sir,

Bryant are pleased to advise we require a Trenching experienced Shift Supervisor.

Deploy on 10th August for a 2 week Norwegian based trip.

An uplifted rate will be paid for Norway work.

Applicants MUST fulfil below experience and certificate requirements :

MUST HOLD = Previous trenching ops experience.

MUST HOLD = Valid Norwegian survival and an offshore medical

Please URGENTLY lodge both the above listed certification and your updated CV to

We look forward to hearing from you, many thanks, Phil Hargreaves & Team


Bryant Hargreaves Subsea Division Recruitment Team

Bryant House
440 Union Street
AB10 1TR

T: 01224 656009
F: 01224 656000
And the Winch and frame.
Rovned2 wrote:
I had a mail from Subserv last week looking for ROV Supervisors and Senior Pilots and paying "between 470 and 510, based on experience".

Those rates on offer by Subserv are extremely poor indeed. I seem to recall similar rates a number of years back, so it looks like they have remained static and maybe even taken a step back!

The companies love the fact that ROV pilots/tech/sups have no single body (eg. union) to negotiate on their behalf. In all likelihood the ROV industry is over subscribed with supposedly qualified/experienced techs and people are getting desperate for work IMHO.
Reminds me of a certain company in the UAE Smile
6 of us planning on mobbing up a system whereby we were told by a Base manager that we were not qualified or experienced to rig out the LARS
( We are but we thought Okay we'll just stay in the shade drink tea and watch Very Happy )
Obviuosly trying to prove he was superior in knowledge ............ Typical [banned word] for that country he was born in Very Happy
The Base Manager and his 'Minions' then proceeded to 'Twist' the A-Frame out of shape .................. Well and truly Very Happy
There was alot of Yallering screaming Laughing
No one was hurt .................. and we thought it very funny Laughing

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