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Well its a contract from Guernsey if that counts. The agency works from the UK.
I am making enquiries with lawyers in the UK but will not mention any names right now.
I have been advised and fully believe that the insurance company wont pay until they are forced too. The fact that the contract says the company will pay and doesn't mention waiting for an insurance company annoys me to say the least! The company is not interested at all.
A goto person is very handy I have to admit.
Des_b wrote:
Hi Antonioc,

If I was you I would go for the Sonardyne opportunity. It may be a very, very long time before the industry recovers and there are alot of guys all going for the same rov jobs.

And before anyone says it Im not after his job by getting him to leave, I still have one... Smile

Im looking to leave the ROV industry after being in it for only 8 yrs and working onshore in an electrical capacity. There are alot of other jobs out there not ROV related that are fantastic opportunities (offshore as well as onshore). As long as you have the qualifications of course! Wink

If and when the industry picks up again you could always choose to get back into it but the companies are just as quick to drop all of us, as has happened to many this year.

Either way, its your decision and good luck in making your choice!!!



Hi Antonioc,
Des_b has a good point and I have the chestnut to put out again..... "Never carry all your eggs in one basket"..... Essentially, be diversified.
I have to ask why come back from your paradise when its the quietest period in years ???....
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Thanks Enigma, appreciated. Costly entry fee considering no guarantee of entry. Looks like I will have to find another way in, I'm thinking of rope access, NDT, and from there on to ROV.
BullseyeTNT wrote:
The future will only grow a lot with ROV's where with Divers there is so much limitations and it will ultimately in the future be completely replaced with ROV's.

Don't get too carried way. ROVs will never replace divers completely.
Bibby, harkand, bourbon et al......
Maybe that's what's needed, I just hope its done sooner than later. I would hate to see some good lads get laid off before someone comes in with a plan for going forward.
I'm personally gutted at the news but also disappointed, as Fugro claimed at the start of the year that although the conditions where tough, Fugro was in a better position than most to ride it out, yet a couple of months down the line, wham!

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