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Planys offers submersible robotic review and survey solutions victimization Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). It brings world category technology and fashionable innovations in underwater artificial intelligence and medical specialty within the shallow-mid depth section. Planys’ technology spans the domains of marine artificial intelligence, advanced Non-Destructive analysis (NDE), and post-inspection analysis. It provides a holistic service providing to customers through a style level fusion of ROV manufacture, operations and structural nosology
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IMCA does not recognise this certificate issued by MTCS as you can see from the reply its worthless , IMCA does support the idea that people have to show there competency which is fair due to the amount of people trying to sell them selfs as experince rov personnel when there not which is why I do not look at peoples log books when they come into my shack , Within a short time of working with them you know if there experinced or not .

As for MTCS issuing competency certs yes I agree its not value for money as they have no idea on your competency since how can they . Competency certs or work references should be issued by the Rov operators .

As for contacting other rov personnel just look back on the email from HPR and your find a list of over 200 rov personnel but it wont do any good as its all down to the clients requirements , If you look at wind farm work some clients accept OPITO and others will only accept GWO why on earth do we need training to work at Heights for subsea inspection . The rest of the GWO format is the same as OPITO but you need to do a GWO cert every 2 years , OPITO last as you know for 4 .

I think your find many of the guys reading this topic know already about MTCS but like I said some of the clients have bought into the scheme and there the people you have to convince .
Please advise how much for the 2 Roving Bat units,you also can send your quotation to my email : SEACOM_MARINE@YAHOO.COM.SG , My handphone : +65 9853 6297 . Very Happy
Looking for a 1100m FO tether with winch for a Seaeye Falcon DR to lease or purchase. PM me.
[quote:51578b6c24=\"subengalwana\"]Still for sale? pls mail me''''

We have a pro 3 for sale and wanted to see if you were still looking for one?
Sounds like one very large mess to me as at the end of the day people want to know that the people they are hiring are experience they can do this via work references as you know I have been in the game over 45 years now and never had any problems finding work as for SAIPEM its just one rov operator should they have there own competency scheme then thats up to them but I think they will be issuing there own competency cert as I cant see them sending all there paper work to MTCS .

Nothing has come from IMCA stating there are now compulsory requirement and they are the people who set the standards not Technip or SAIPEM so I should let them get on with it But you are right with MTCS its just money as they just rubber stamp your log book at £300 a go as for Technip and SAIPEM they should be able to issue there own competency certs .
(2) NEW Moog/ Focal Technologies Model 176 Oil filled ROV slip rings, complete with build drawings and heavy duty travel cases.
(2) NEW Moog/ Focal Technologies Model 176 top side ROV slip rings, complete with build drawings and heavy duty travel cases.
CDL/ Teledyne Minitxt LED text display and lighting unit, 3000m depth rating, 24v DC Input, RDS-485 (232) connection, New condition
Simrad Kongsberg Model OE1387 Pan and Tilt underwater inspection camera
Simrad Ltd underwater camera, no model, (Similar to OE14-110)
Also have a number of smaller items.

Please message for more details and pictures
can you send pictures of all equipment
when did you buy
how many hours work
Looking for a used Tracklink 1500 USBL system.

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