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Hi T-Boy yes I know what you mean with the Grandfather scheme I did that when I got my Gas Ticket back in the early eighty's when you had to submit your divers Log books in before the 31st of December 1981 or go back to school and re-qualify . In those days it was a one off requirement to show you were competent .

From reading on the MTCS web site all competence certificates issued by them are only valid for 3 years after that time they must be renewed in order to ensure personnel are still competent . Plus if you have not been actively working at this grade, during the previous 12 months you have to re-certify .

But like I said all you do is contact your past or current employer who is a IMCA member and get them to assess you at what ever grade you have been working at and it is a one off requirement this 3 year requirement with MTCS is just them and not a industry set standard requirement .

If it was made a mandatory requirement it would be worth millions at the end of the day how can a school or academy assess you when they don't even know you yet alone every 3 years .
Another one, of the calibre like UKPS, is no longer with us

Crying or Very sad

Is the industry really in such a bad way Question

In the end this industry is cyclic and rates follow.

Right now we're at an all time low.

It's nothing personal, its basic economics. Union or not, people do what they can to survive.

Next time the cycle goes up, as it always does. Cash in and plan for bad times.

This is the reality of our industry.

Don't fret too much about the overabundance of trainees, the client's requirements are getting more and more stringent.

It's near impossible to get a trainee's cv approved especially when there are so many experienced hands sitting ashore.

My best advice right now: Sell your toys, tighten your belt and get what job you can at a salary that suit your needs. Go do some back packing, live as a beach bum in Thailand, etc. Try and enjoy life as you can until the industry gets back on its feet. That is what you signed up for when you made this horrible decision to have a career offshore...

Diver1233 wrote:
Goodday all,

Do experienced offshore divers have bigger chances of getting a start in the rov industry? Or do company focus more on technical education?

What is currently the best training course avaialble?

Best regards.

Usually it's the divers complaining we're taking their work!! Would you be prepared for the massive drop in day rate?
flymoROV wrote:
Hi Raptor, thanks that makes sense, i was starting to worry if it was the layout at all!
i have a good background i think:
starting with agricultural engineering, mechanics and hydraulics, then 10 years in Army as tank crewman/mechanic, then 9 years offshore as mechanic/hyd tech and pneumatic systems, also working with generators and 3 phase electric, was weak on electronics, so so spent my time away from home open learning to improve my knowledge for the industry, then did MTCS induction course, still firing out 30-40 cvs a week, every week,and still not seeing a light at end of tunnel YET! i know the state of the industry on a whole just now, but still, dont get if you dont ask! again, persistence and determination!! and from what i have researched and read, right place at right time?

Yeah, but just so you know, a couple of the larger Rov companies are going through a consultation period at the minute leading to redundancies in October. It's the worst time to be ROV let alone an aspiring one.
Just seen this requirement for Seaeye Falcon Personnel .

Contact details are :
Tel : Phone : 01502 509231

Orbis Energy Centre Wilde Street

NR32 1XH Lowestoft, United Kingdom

Tel +44 1502 509233
Alright chap, with the current climate it's going to be hard work to find a job.. Perhaps when oil prices go up we'll all be back in work, but until then we're fucked...
Some months ago we were having a debate on " ROV Competeance Scheme expiry periods "

So I thought you would like to see what MTCS states on there web site .
It would seem that if you were assessed by them you need to be re-assessed
every 3 years .

If you need to be assessed go to your past or current employer who is a IMCA member and they will do it for free I have checked with other schools and IMCA you only need to be re-assessed if you want to change grade from a P/T to a Supervisor or Supervisor to Superintendent .

But it is just a one off however if MTCS had there way it would be mandatory Just think of the money it would bring in every 3 years at 300 a go !
Until the price of oil gets above $70 USD there will be little change on the work front .There is work out but you need to dig deep for it .

As for next year I did hope that it was going to be the same as the 1986 recession when 87 was a good year however from looking at the current price of oil I think you maybe right .

It maybe a bit better than this year when there is requirements for Rov personnel I think they will require work class personnel like UHD , SMD and Perry vehicles . As for inspection jobs I think most of the projects will be put back till a later date .

The other thing is every body to trying to cut cost by hiring more locals and smaller crews and lower rates .
Just heard that Canyon ROV / Trenching are letting 69 of 98 offshore staff go. This is after a reduction in salary days from 150 to 120 a 5% cut in dayrate and loss of yearly bonus.
Thats a load of guys joining the already swelling ranks of contractors

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