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•  I have all the appropriate training/qualifications, how do I get a job?
•  What do I need to get started with ROVs

•  I have all the appropriate training/qualifications, how do I get a job?


  • Get a valid offshore medical
  • Get a valid offshore survival certificate.
  • Prepare your CV roughly along the lines suggested in the FAQ section.
  • Start hunting down contact info for ROV companies, agencies.
  • Build up a list of names within the co's that actually deal with CV's and make employment decisions (i.e. get past the receptionist).
  • Email your CV out to the co's.
  • Try to arrange interviews.
  • Make more phone calls and try to build up phone contacts in the co's and call them every now and then. Do not just make contact once and wait for them to call you, you need to keep your profile up in their heads.
  • Go to (say) Houston(USA) or Aberdeen(UK) or another well known offshore hiring point, and knock on doors. Make sure you as much contact info, names, addresses, contact numbers, as possible before you head over there. Also get mobile numbers if you can.
  • Repeat the last three suggestions until something come out of it.
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•  What do I need to get started with ROVs

A technical qualification and time served experience.

The second half of the job title is TECHNICIAN, Pilot TECHNICIAN. The 'Technician' title alone implies that you need to be a technical person. Not a person simply clutching a piece of paper from a training school stating you are a Pilot Tech 2.  Just because the schools say you are a Pilot Tech 2 does not mean you are one. Honest, believe us!

Ideal candidates will have technical (there is that word again) qualifications such as HNC, NVQs, SVQs, City and Guilds (all UK qualifications, sorry I don't know the equivalents for other parts of the world) in the fields of electrics/electronics or mechanics/hydraulics.

If you come from a technicial background in the armed forces - try and get them to issue a civvy version of your military trade certificate of whatever you were qualified to do in the Forces.

As a wise Operations Manager once said "I want to employ Technicians and teach them about ROVs: I don't want to employ people to teach them to be Technicians"

Read Rookie Corner in the Forum ...  More often than not many questions that may pop into your mind have already been answered.... over and over.

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