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Download Profile: HAI Proteus 500

 Download Profile: HAI Proteus 500

These lightweight and compact ROVs are designed for a variety of underwater projects including; law enforcement applications, such as retrieval of small underwater items and rescue/recovery of victims; high risk asset security missions, such as underwater observation of port facilities; mine hunting, and underwater commercial projects; such as river and lake investigations, inspection of offshore platforms and historical research and discovery. The Proteus Series ROVs are ideal for small boat or small platform operations. Their tether deployment systems utilize a reel and slip-ring design, making them extremely easy to launch and requiring only 1-2 personnel. The 4-axis control system makes maneuvering in tight spaces a cinch. They can operate in either fresh or salt water. The control of the vehicle is via a joystick connected to a PC that displays the video and telemetry data. The Proteus ROVs includes features that you won’t find on other ROVs. The tether diameter is the smallest in the industry – only 3 millimeters - allowing greater control and maneuverability and improved operations in stronger currents. The power pack resides on board the ROV. No electricity is carried through the water. This eliminates the hazard of a potential electrical shock to divers and enables operation in remote locations without the need for a generator.

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