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Download Profile: Seaeye Lynx

 Download Profile: Seaeye Lynx

The Seaeye Lynx is a development of the successful Seaeye Puma but in a larger frame to provide improved water flow through the vectored and vertical thrusters. So successful has been this modification that the performance of the Seaeye Lynx matches that of the smaller and lighter Seaeye Tiger observation ROV. Seaeye LYNX is a 1500msw rated fully integrated inspection tool with a powerful performance envelope and a high payload for a vehicle of this size. The vehicle is powered by 6 off Seaeye brushless DC thruster units, which are proven worldwide. The system is designed to operate free swimming or in conjunction with a Seaeye Type 5 Tether Management System (TMS), which provides a 200 metre excursion radius. The system has various useful options such as a 440vac 3-phase outlet for powering water jetting equipment and the capacity to fit standard or custom work-skid packages fixed to the underside of the vehicle.

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