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General: Silvercrest supply 260kW submersible motors to CTC Marine Projects Ltd.

Posted on 19.09.2006 - 14:35 EDT in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Silvercrest Marine has manufactured and delivered in just six weeks from order, ten 260Kw submersible motors to CTC Marine Projects based in Teeside, England. The motors will be used by CTC on their subsea plough and trenching vehicles worldwide.

The 260kW/ 3000V / 60Hz / 2 pole pump motors (designed specifically for use in the horizontal axis) were fitted with shafts at both ends, in order to mate with three tandem mounted hydraulic pumps on one end and a Hayward Tyler M6 single stage water pump-set on the opposite end. In this 260kW model, rather than using the pivot shoe arrangement, typical of vertically oriented pump-sets, heavy duty tapered roller bearings were fitted to the rotor to manage the water pump induced end-loads. Thus giving a calculated bearing life in excess of 11,000 hours, even when used in the horizontal axis. Depth rating on each motor is 10,000 meters, with oil filled compensation. Motor housings are 316 stainless steel, with Mylar coated windings (the ultimate in winding coating technology) being used in each motor at the request of CTC, giving an insulation rating of >16kV at a temperature of 140 degrees C.

Silvercrest Marine will bespoke manufacture virtually any shape and size of submersible motor required for subsea operations.

September 12, 2006

Silvercrest Marine

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