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Onshore News: Legal Firm Urges Better Staff Management In Oil & Gas Sector

Posted on 27.02.2006 - 05:13 EST in ONSHORE NEWS by ginamc

AberdeenA firm of lawyers in Aberdeen has suggested ways in which companies operating in the oil and gas sector can overcome skills shortages with better management.

Legal experts at Ledingham Chalmers say executives should concentrate on managing staff performance to overcome skills gaps and advancing age within the workforce.

Management should ensure existing staff meet the expectations of their job descriptions and fulfil their wider potential to allow oil and gas companies to meet knowledge demands resulting from the emergence of new technologies and industry practices, the firm says.

“Effective performance management and recruitment systems can help to ensure that companies not only employ the right people but also get the best out of them,” says employment law specialist Lili Hunter.

Effective appraisals and a clear description of what a specific job requires, coupled with an outline of the consequences of failure can help to encourage best efforts from staff, the firm has urged.


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