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General: Remote Ocean Systems LED Spotlight

Posted on 10.02.2006 - 08:07 EST in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

San Diego, CA ... Remote Ocean System’ new LED SmartLIGHT utilizes new solid state technology to produce an intense light output using a low voltage power source.

The elimination of a traditional filament and bulb makes this light extremely robust and shock resistant, with a 50,000+ hour illumination life. The microprocessor-controlled, dimmable LED SmartLIGHT’s output is ideal for video applications because of its 5500 degree K balanced color temperature. The SmartLIGHT’s output is so close to true sunlight that it produces illumination that results in brilliant underwater video images and provides better underwater light transmission than that of an incandescent light. The LED SmartLIGHT's design allows it to be daisy chained into an RS-485 / RS-232 controlled network, with the capability of independent control and dimming of multiple lights, and control of other components (i.e. cameras and pan-and-tilts). For more information visit

February 10, 2006

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