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ROV NEWS: Iter Sells AC-CESS AC-ROV To Leduc

Posted on 13.12.2005 - 10:40 EST in ROV NEWS by ginamc


AC-CESS and ITER have the pleasure of announcing the successful sale of an AC-ROV underwater micro ROV system to French based company Leduc. 

The sale was initiated and completed at this month’s marathon 10 day Paris Nautical Exhibition (02-12 December).  Mr David Maillotte of ITER had a very busy time at the show with great attention being given to his star performer – the AC-ROV.  Pointing to AC-CESS’s insistence on ‘wet’ exhibitions for the AC-ROV (yes that’s 10 consecutive exhibition days in the water), Mr Maillotte was weary but very satisfied by the AC-ROV’s performance and the show in general.


Mr Etienne Brenckmann of Leduc – a market leading bridge and pier construction and inspection company - was highly impressed by the AC-ROV’s long list of unique selling points.  The AC-ROV system is the only hand carry, single hand and single man controlled mini ROV system on the market.  The smallest (190mm pipe fly through), most mobile (6 thrusters, 5 degrees of movement) and most robust (cube shape and modular build) mini ROV in the world. 

Mr Brenckmann explained Leduc’s requirement as a “drive to reduce diver associated costs across the company.  The AC-ROV will be specifically used on a two year bridge building contract in Yemen for dive mapping and planning, health and safety and for work inspection”.

Source: AC-CESS

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