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ROV NEWS: ROV Sonar Demo Hosted by Deep Trekker, Echolotzentrum and Halton Police

Posted on 02.09.2015 - 15:46 EDT in ROV NEWS by DT_Amanda

On October 2nd, Deep Trekker will team up with German Search and Rescue specialist Thomas Schlageter from Echolotzentrum Schlageter and Halton, Ontario’s Police Service’s Marine & Canine Unit to provide a ROV demonstration free of charge. The demonstration will take place at Bronte Harbour: 1151 Bronte Road, in Oakville, Ontario.  The demonstration is going to be focused on Search and Rescue operations and any Search and Rescue force is welcome to attend and learn more about the use of ROVs for these missions.

Deep Trekker will be providing their DTG2 to perform the demonstration.  The demonstration will feature a simulated rescue of a life size human replica, using sonar to track the position of the victim and then recover the victim using the DTG2’s two function grabber arm. The demonstration will also show the ability of the DTG2 to scan the lake for victims as well as recover evidence.

Deep Trekker ROVs are the easiest to implement into your police force because of their maintenance free durable construction, the simple two joystick handheld controls, their portability and their affordability.  The other problem that Deep Trekker ROVs solve is deployment time. Dive teams, even if on site at the moment of a call for duty, may take up to 45 minutes before they are in the water.  Deep Trekker ROVs have a deployment time of 30 seconds from the carrying case arriving at a scene.

Unlike most Mini ROVs, Deep Trekker’s DTG2 DTX2 are not only for search and visual inspection. They can be used to recover lost souls and evidence as well. Deep Trekker ROVs can also be equipped with many Sonar and Positioning packages, making them the most cost effective option for ROV mounted Sonars in the world.

Want more information about how to upgrade your Search and Rescue department? Contact us today for customer stories and quotations. If you would like to be a part of the great search and rescue experience at Bronte Harbour, RSVP for the limited spaces available.

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