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Products: SubC Imaging launches SubC DVR software v5

Posted on 28.07.2015 - 09:38 EDT in PRODUCT NEWS by DT_Amanda

SubC_Imaging writes:  

 SubC Imaging is excited to introduce latest version of its  SubC DVR software, version 5. Based on valuable input from users and a detailed analysis of the industry’s  current needs, this version includes a  significant number of  improvements over previous versions.


This version is a free upgrade to all existing DVRO owners, and will come standard on all new systems.
New and improved user interface, providing an intuitive and easy to use experience
  • Supports 4K UHD, 4x HD, or 2x HD, each can be combined with 4x SD. Any 4 can be used simultaneously
  • Natively supports 3D video input
  • Can input Ethernet video feeds
  • Can use previously recorded files as input to overlay and record narration
  • Easy to use; select a folder, and press record
  • Dynamic video tags allow quick file naming
  • Simultaneously record any 4 channels at once
  • Digital stills management
  • Quickly generate modern, functional overlays
  • Unlimited overlay combinations and configurations
  • Unlimited amount of templates to save and load
  • Overlay data via UDP and Serial
  • Ability to redundantly record each channel whenever input is initialized
  • Black box will record to drive indefinitely, overwriting oldest files when space is filled
Data Integrity
  • Monitors file health in real time, alerting the user as soon as an error is detected
  • Visual indicators to provide feedback at a glance
Dive Logging and Eventing
  • Catalogue and manage footage during the inspection
  • Quickly create an Events template which can also log incoming serial data
  • Log all incoming data; serial or UDP
  • Search events for keywords you’re interested in
  • Trigger to log when recording, taking a still, and/or always
  • Print, and save the log for submission
  • Ability to stream across local area network
  • Ability to stream to web for remote viewing
  • Check out details about our Web Streaming Service
Remote Control
  • Control remotely over serial or UDP
  • Can be controlled via a tablet
To arrange for free live demo of this new release, please contact
For more information please visit


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