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ROV NEWS: ROVs for hurricane hit Gulf

Posted on 04.11.2005 - 05:56 EST in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

SeaeyeHurricane damage and an increased demand for more capable inspection ROVs has led to an urgent order on Seaeye for three systems to be rushed to the Gulf of Mexico.

Two Seaeye Falcons and a Seaeye Lynx ROV are going to add to the rental pool of Mako Technologies of Morgan City, Louisiana, who are a leading provider of rental diving, topside, ROV and ROV tooling equipment and services. This is their first order with Seaeye.

Both Falcons will be delivered in November and each will come complete with Imagenex scanning sonar, CP probes and a single function manipulator as well as a comprehensive outfit of spares. This system is rated for operations to 1000 ft (300 metres) and was selected for the ease with which additional tools and accessories can be fitted within its open frame construction as well as for its superior lateral performance and station keeping capability in strong currents.

Click to enlargeThe Seaeye Lynx will be delivered mid January 2006 complete with TMS, control cabin and 'A' frame launch and recovery system. Designed for operations to 5000 feet (1500 metres) the vehicle will be provided with a 4 function hydraulic manipulator, Tritech sonar, and interfaces for a wide range of sensors and NDT inspection tools to suit various customer requirements. Video from the vehicle to the surface is transmitted over fibre optics and the system can accommodate up to 4 simultaneous video channels.

This will be the 15th Lynx to be built by Seaeye and joins two other Lynx systems (16 and 17) in production for delivery to Norway and Mexico in December and January. Seaeye also has two Panther plus systems underway allocated for Rovtech and a new customer in China as well as 2 Cougar systems, one of which is 3000 metre rated.

November 3, 2005


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