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ROV NEWS: Deep Trekker to unveil new Product at Underwater Intervention 2015

Posted on 19.01.2015 - 15:31 EST in ROV NEWS by DT_Amanda

Portable ROV Deep Trekker AYR, ONTARIO CANADA. January 13, 2015. Deep Trekker Inc. is pleased to announce their return to Underwater Intervention for the third time at booth 210 with exciting new advancements you won’t want to miss. The show, which runs from February 10th – 12th is focused on commercial diving contractors, manned and unmanned submersibles and has been the hub for remotely operated vehicle (ROV) technology since its beginnings. With this opportunity, Deep Trekker will showcase to the world for the first time, their new product line at New Orleans’ UI 2015.




Along with their iconic 200 gallon water tank and their flagship product the DTG2 ROV, the Deep Trekker team will unveil their new product line along with all of the details at UI 2015. The product is based on the innovative designs of the DTG2 system, which is the world’s only completely portable, affordable, and easy to use remotely operated vehicle system. A patented pitching system and 360 degree window provides unmatched maneuverability and ease of use. Along with on-board batteries and a hand-held video controller, the Deep Trekker products can be deployed in less than a minute with a 1 or 2 person team. “Underwater Intervention was in a lot of ways our coming out party to the market,” commented Sam Macdonald, President of Deep Trekker. “Before UI 2013 the industry had never seen a robust commercial grade ROV that piloted like ours and was affordable. With this in mind, UI 2015 was an obvious choice to unveil our new line of ROVs.”


The DTG2 ROV will still play a big role in the commercial diving industry alongside the new product launch at UI. Deep Trekker ROVs provide quick and easy eyes in the water to reduce down time, cost and increase safety. Mini ROVs are preferred by commercial divers for pre-inspections for better situational awareness as well as increase safety while work is being performed underwater.  

Visit the Deep Trekker team at booth 210 to pilot the DTG2 ROV in the 200 gallon water tank and see for yourself the new technologies the Deep Trekker team has in store this year.


About Deep Trekker

Deep Trekker Inc. was founded in 2010 with a mission to bring a fully capable yet portable and accessible remotely operated vehicle to market. The company is headquartered in Ayr, Ontario, Canada, with all engineering and manufacturing are completed in house.  Based on a clean sheet design, the premiere product, the DTG2 was introduced in limited run in August 2011. With Deep Trekker products now working in 47 countries in industries including fisheries, research, nuclear power, construction, engineering, potable water systems, search and recovery, military, and recreation, the DTG2 is proven to be easy to use, robust, and entertaining.

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