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Marine/Vessel News: Ocean Yield Takes Delivery of DSCV SBM Installer

Posted on 24.12.2014 - 07:05 EST in MARINE/VESSEL NEWS by ginamc

Ocean Yield ASA has taken delivery of the diving support and offshore construction vessel “SBM Installer”.
OS Installer, a  joint venture between Ocean Yield ASA (75%) and SBM Offshore (25%) purchased the vessel from SBM Offshore earlier this month for US$150 million in cash.

SBM Installer The vessel immediately entered into a 12-year bareboat charter guaranteed by SBM Holding Inc. SA.

SBM will have certain options to acquire the vessel during the bareboat charter period, with the first option exercisable after five years.
The DSCV SBM Installer is a multi-purpose Diving Support and Construction Vessel, based on the MT-6024 design from Marin Teknikk in Norway and built to DNV rules and international regulations.
Built by Keppel Singmarine in Singapore in 2013, the vessel features the patented ‘double-deck’ design which improves safety as well as providing significantly more deck space.  The vessel is equipped with a class III DP system as well as a fully integrated 12-man saturation diving system capable of operating in up to 300 metres of water.
A 250 tonne knuckle boom crane and 150 tonne winch will enable the vessel to carry out offshore construction and installation work in water depths of up to 1,500 metres.
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