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Offshore News: SMP Delivers Containerised Dive System to Titan Salvage

Posted on 16.09.2014 - 07:05 EDT in OFFSHORE NEWS by ginamc

Titan Salvage Titan Salvage has recently taken delivery of a new SMP Containerised Dive System.

Dive System Controls This dive system was designed, manufactured and built by SMP at their premises near Preston, Lancashire for use on a salvage project in South Africa.

Daniel Dolson from Titan said: “Titan Salvage is proud to take ownership of our newest containerized system system built by SMP in the UK. This three diver air system was built to Titan’s specifications, addressing issues such as hot weather climate work, dual electrical voltage (USA and UK), and built-in compressors and safety systems. Thank you to the team at Submarine Manufacturing for putting this system together for us! This is the second unit in a series of three on order. The first two delivered systems are currently working in South Africa on a Titan salvage project.”
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