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Onshore News: Mermaid Starts Rebranding of Subsea Business Units

Posted on 01.09.2014 - 07:00 EDT in ONSHORE NEWS by ginamc

Mermaid Subsea Services Mermaid Maritime Public Company Limited announces that it has commenced the rebranding of the subsea business units which will be collectively operated under “Mermaid Subsea Services”.

Mermaid Subsea Services The Company’s subsea business currently operated globally under separate brand names, namely Subtech (“Subtech”) in West Africa and the Middle East , Zamil Mermaid Offshore Services (“ZMOS”) in Saudi Arabia, Seascape Surveys (“Seascape Surveys”) in Singapore and Indonesia, and Mermaid Offshore Services (“MOS”) in Thailand. All these four subsea units will be integrated and operated under the banner of “Mermaid Subsea Services”.


The integration will unite the Company and provide brand recognition and seamless services to the valuable customers throughout their global network. At the same time, the Company can benefit from economies of scale in terms of procurement.


Whilst the rebranding exercise will start with Subtech group of companies which comprises of Subtech Ltd. (Seychelles), Subtech Qatar Diving& Marine Services LLC. (Qatar), Subtech Saudi Arabia Co., Ltd. (Saudi Arabia) and Zamil Mermaid Offshore Services Company LLC (Saudi Arabia), it will be rolled out throughout the Company’s footprints and other subsidiaries, including Seascape Surveys and MOS’ group of companies operating in Southeast Asia, by 2015.


As part of the rebranding exercise, the Company has unveiled a new logo to represent the new unit. The key intent for applying the new logo across the subsea unit are for both market recognition for the whole subsea unit and marketing benefits in terms of integrated services.

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