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Products: Savante releases Vergence3D; subsea photogrammetry stereo-vision camera

Posted on 01.07.2014 - 15:39 EDT in PRODUCT NEWS by jamesmc

Savante writes:  

 Savante Offshore is proud to announce the release of the Vergence3D subsea stereoimaging camera; an underwater photogrammetry camera designed to bring remote measurement capabilities to the underwater and oil and gas industry.

 "Vergence3D represents a first step into the field of subsea imaging; which we aim to develop through a new and exciting range of digital stills and HD video camera products; all with a vitally-added measurement dimension." says Dr. Grant Thomson, Managing Director.  


Dr. Grant Thomson goes on to say; "The Vergence3D subsea camera promises to open up a significant number of inspection opportunities to us; given its greater flexibility, practicality and fast measurement.  The 3D content of an entire scene can be captured, exported to a CAD point cloud and measured in a moment, without the need for physical contact.  Further, the Vergence3D software enables 3D models to be recorded from multiple positions, freeing the camera from static positioning requirements and enabling us to move into dynamic (moving target-moving platform) measurement situations.  Subsea chain mooring inspection, spoolpiece metrology, subsea dimensional control (DIMCON) and the general remote visual inspection of pipes, risers within bellmouths, caissons and conductors can be addressed with technical support offered from our offices in Aberdeen, Mexico or Dubai."


  • Millimeter accuracy measurements.
  • Spoolpiece metrology mode enables camera position to be determined by integrating measurements from multiple locations.
  • Operates with moving target - moving platform.
  • 3D point cloud capture of objects.
  • Requires no special glasses or monitor.
  • 6000m depth rated housing.
  • 70° diagonal field of view.
  • Subsea Navigational Aid – Environment 3D volume mapping

Example of stereo-photogrammetry used to evaluate damage to a section of welded steel sheet.

Example image of a section of chain link; measured in a fraction of a second.  

For more information click HERE

or contact;

Ms. Jennifer Butler-Madden
Business Development Manager
Savante Offshore Services,
Riverside House,
Riverside Drive,
AB11 7LH

Tel: +44 (0) 1224 224 336

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