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Survey: Stage II in the UXO survey programme for Tennet Offshore Gmbh

Posted on 07.01.2014 - 07:05 EST in SURVEY NEWS by ginamc

MMTAs result of the Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) threat identified from successful route survey for Tennet Offshore Gmbh, MMT will perform stage II in the marine UXO survey program for the HelWin 2 project.

MMT will use the Subsea Support Vessel VOS Satisfaction for this assignment. The magnetometer targets and side scan sonar targets that were picked from geophysical survey (stage 1), require further investigation. The purposes of the marine survey in stage II are to confirm the nature of the objects causing anomalies induced by ferrous metal objects on the earth magnetic field. It is also to be determined whether the location possesses an UXO risk to the cable lay operations and to identify and advise Tennet´s project management on eventual new route opportunities.


MMT is happy with the continued confidence from Tennet Offshore GmbH and looks forward to working with them again.








MMT will use the Subsea Support Vessel VOS Satisfaction for this assignment.

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