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Website Notice: ROVworld - One month notice of site lockdown

Posted on 01.12.2013 - 15:32 EST in WEBSITE NOTICE by jamesmc

ROVworld - One month notice of site lockdown

After 13 years of operating it has become clear to us that we are no longer connected with the ROV industry as we once were.  Becoming somewhat disconnected from ROV operations, and the ROV industry in general, means we have developed other priorities in work and play.  Our onshore business interests are starting to take up more of our time. It is for those reasons we are giving a months notice to advise that: 
WEF 31st December 2013 - ROVworld website:
  • Will no longer be updated for Industry news.  
  • The forum will be locked.  
  • New members will not be accepted.
  • Banner ads will be allowed to run to natural expiry.  Most are reaching that point anyway.
What will happens to all the information posted and the and URL's?
All the accumulated information will be kept live indefinitely (urls will remain registered to us) as a source of reference for those that might find it useful.  
We’ve put a lot of time and effort into this site over the years and it’s had its interesting moments thats for sure :)  It kind of blew up into something we didn’t expect back in 2000 when we made a couple of static pages live with some Industry information on them!  In 2003 we switched to a Content Managements System (CMS)
Some stats: Over the last 10 years
Since Sat 13th Dec 2003 we have received
  • 58,406,765  (Yep! 58 Million!) page views
  • We’ve also had 8,339 members sign up during the same period.
  • News articles posted: 6,513
  • Number of news item reads: 5,026,248 (Yep! more than 5 million)
  • Average reads per article: 772 
    More news stats at:
All the best
ROVworld Web Team

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