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Products: Lumeneye 2 : The next generation pipeline inspection subsea line laser

Posted on 04.11.2013 - 11:02 EST in PRODUCT NEWS by jamesmc

Savante writes:  


Savante is delighted to announce the release of the latest generation of our Lumeneye subsea line generating lasers; specifically configured for pipeline inspection.

"With a doubling of power (now 40mW at 532nm), 50% extra depth handling capability as standard, a smaller-lighter body, ultra-sharp Ceramek(TM) optics and the use of the latest in sealing technology this second generation of subsea line laser reflects our constant desire to evolve the product in line with client feedback and expectations." says Savante Managing Director, Grant Thomson.

 Savante Lumeneye 2 Pipeline Inspection Subsea Line Laser

Lumeneye 2: The next generation.


"In 8 years of constant operation we have yet to see a single failure in our first generation lasers. Suprisingly, we have been supplied footage of client WROVS crashing them into the seabed and yet they continue to operate without issue. This reliability, one of our core company attributes, is testimony to both the uniquely-rugged housing and laser design. 

Lumeneye 2 has been configured to focus specifically on pure pipeline inspection and this has enabled us to place what we consider to be the most-competitvely priced subsea inspection laser solution on the market."

Specifications sheets for the Lumeneye2 subsea laser may be downloaded from; 

For a quotation, email :

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