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ROV NEWS: Schilling Robotics provides two ultraheavy-duty hydraulic ROVs to Geoconsult

Posted on 14.09.2005 - 11:15 EDT in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Schilling Sub-AtlanticSchilling Robotics has announced the sale of two Schilling UHD™ ultraheavy-duty hydraulic ROVs to Geoconsult AS of Bergen, Norway. . The 150-shp ROV systems will expand Geoconsult’s capabilities by allowing operations at depths up to 4000 meters. The systems will be delivered in February 2006.

The power provided by the new UHD™ vehicles will allow Geoconsult to operate in the harshest environments and perform the most demanding construction and intervention tasks. However, Geoconsult was also impressed by the system’s high-technology aspects. Explains Schilling Robotics CEO Tyler Schilling, “We know that Geoconsult looks to the future when it purchases equipment, and the Schilling UHD™ has control and communication capabilities that we believe will soon become standard requirements for ROVs.”

The Schilling UHD™ systems will be delivered with Schilling’s new Digital Telemetry System™, giving Geoconsult unparalleled capability to use the system’s gigabit Ethernet backbone for “plug and play” interface capability with a wide range of sensors and cameras. The telemetry system supports both digital and analog video.

The vehicle systems also come with StationKeep™ as a standard feature. This feature allows ROV pilots to automatically hold the vehicle stationary (within a decimeter) for unlimited time. The vehicle can also accurately displace (move) to another location, allowing the vehicle to perform precise movements, automatically follow a set of way points, or fly a pre-planned path. The StationKeep™ capability, originally developed for Schilling’s QUEST WROV systems, has proven to reduce the time to perform certain tasks by 20-30%.

Geoconsult’s UHD™ systems will also include Schilling’s new XE™ hydraulic TMS, which supports vehicle excursions of over 800 meters.

Local post-sale technical support for the two Schilling UHD™ systems will be provided by Schilling Robotics’ agent, Innova AS of Stavanger, Norway and by Schilling Robotics’ regional office in Aberdeen, U.K. Qualified technical personnel and depot-level spares will be available from both locations.

Press release Schilling Robotics:

September 13, 2005


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