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ROV NEWS: AC-CESS compare their AC-ROV with other inspection class ROV's

Posted on 09.09.2005 - 05:22 EDT in ROV NEWS by admin

AC-CESSRecently, here at ROVworld, we received an email from Callum Magee, of AC-CESS Co UK Ltd, outlining the differences between the AC-ROV, VideoRay and Seabotix units.

We felt that you might like to see a comparison of the three systems side by side. Click on read more (below) to see the comparison chart......

Note: The image is around 322 KB so may take a while to open on a slow connection.


Standard AC-ROV Flight Assist Controls
Flight Freeze & Un-freeze | Progressive Fwd | Progressive +/-
Vertical Trim | Progressive +/- Pitch | 3 Stage Power Increment

Source: AC-CESS Co UK Ltd

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