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Exhibitions: OceanSURVEYOR at Ocean Business 2013

Posted on 09.04.2013 - 16:09 EDT in EXHIBITION NEWS by ginamc

OceanTools OceanTools will be exhibiting their latest integrated solution at Ocean Business 2013 - the OceanSURVEYOR professional subsea survey package. 

 Generating accuracies of typically better than 0.1° for Heading and typically better than 0.01° for Pitch & Roll, OceanSURVEYOR enables the alignment of subsea structures with survey grade precision.


Operating over an umbilical or in standalone mode, OceanSURVEYOR consists of a bespoke robust subsea frame populated by proven OceanTools harsh environment products. ROV deployable and recoverable, the system comes with an integral 38 AH battery for long duration deployments and intelligent power monitoring to aid project completion.


Outputs including heading, pitch, roll, rate, acceleration, heave, depth and altitude are logged, concatenated and displayed via a light activated high intensity subsea display. With an auxiliary serial output to send data to an acoustic subsea modem for example, OceanSURVEYOR offers various data viewing options. Battery packs are activated or isolated by ROV or diver operated master switch.


OceanSURVEYOR comprises:

  • Robust Subsea Deployment Frame

  • OceanFOG – Fibre Optic Gyro

  • SmartPOD, power management, data concatenator & logger, battery voltage monitor

  • OceanDISP – Subsea Display

  • C-Switch - master subsea on/off switch – optional

  • Digiquartz Depth Sensor – optional

  • MA550-D Precision Altimeter – optional

  • OceanSENSE Detection System – optional

  • Metrology Stab – optional

  • Mounting bracketry - optional


Custom bracketry or the OceanTools precision machined Metrology Stab enables high accuracy mounting to subsea structures. Applications include: verticality survey when spudding new wells, template installation, wind-farm installation, jacket installation and environmental monitoring. When deployed in a verticality survey role, OceanSURVEYOR has a dual application of seafloor cement returns confirmation using the market leading OceanSENSE detection system.


Please visit us at Ocean Business, Stand G9 for a demonstration of OceanSURVEYOR and other market leading OceanTools products and to discuss your subsea project engineering requirements. 

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