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Products: Cement Returns Detection Saves Rig Time & Money

Posted on 06.12.2012 - 07:10 EST in PRODUCT NEWS by ginamc

 Recognised across the global subsea industry for its market leading leak detection capabilities, the OceanSENSE Leak Detection System has reinforced its cutting edge technology credentials by forging a new and discreet subsea application.


Historically, the detection of seafloor cement returns during the spudding of new wells was an expensive and inexact science.  With ROV mounted PH meters and cameras often proving wholly inadequate for the job, rig time and money were wasted with operators in some cases pumping up to 300% more cement than required to spud the well.  OceanSENSE has removed the doubt and guess work from cement detection and is proven to reduce rig time and cementing related costs. 


OceanSENSE Leak Detector on the TritonFollowing exceptionally positive feedback from key clients it was felt OceanSENSE would be powerful enough to detect insert trace dye through the high levels of sediment that can be kicked up during the cement pumping process.  Deployed on its first cement detection job in Q2-2010, OceanSENSE has now completed over 70 such jobs with a 100% detection success rate.  The system has developed an unparalleled reputation for strength of detection return, reliability and ease of use.  OceanSENSE is the only detection system on the market capable of repeatable success in this application.


With OceanSENSE deployed in a cement detection role, the overall operation is enhanced by the secondary benefit of having on site BOP leak detection.  The ROV mounted OceanSENSE can be used in a routine inspection or rapid response capacity to confirm the existence of and locate a BOP leak.


Employing advanced optical technology, OceanSENSE is around 50 times as sensitive as the human eye and can detect trace dye in the water down to a few parts per billion at a typical range of 5-7 meters.  Significantly smaller than all other leak detection systems, OceanSENSE is a ‘bright light system’ that enables the ROV to complete operations with lights on at all times as opposed to traditional ‘black light’ systems which require ROV lights to be turned off during detection operations.  This results in decreased risk and faster detection times.  OceanSENSE is significantly more sensitive than 'black-light' systems and, unlike laser based detection systems, there are no safety issues.


With a growing global rental pool of over 30 assets, locally based OceanSENSE units are available for hire in all major oil producing regions.  With ROV mounted Single Wavelength and Diver-held versions currently available and AUV, confined ingress and oil volume quantification versions scheduled for 2013, OceanSENSE is in a league of its own.



View our highly informative OceanSENSE animation at

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