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Inspection: Digital Video Storage

Posted on 31.08.2005 - 14:11 EDT in INSPECTION NEWS (Topside) by ginamc

VisualSoftVisualSoft have seen a marked increase in sales of RAID enabled USB and SCSI storage units. VisualSoft stock units with capacities from 1 to 6 TerraBytes. The units use RAID 5 to protect data from hard-disk failure. Any failed disk can be replaced without switching the unit off and requires no downtime.

There is a trend now for clients to request all video and data to be delivered in a single storage unit that can be easily attached to their office PCs. Anyone wishing to receive more information on these products should contact

VisualSoft will be exhibiting these storage products at Offshore Europe 2005. Also on display will be VisualOverlay, our PCI card based video overlay system.

Source: VisualSoft
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