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Manley Appointed to IOOS System Advisory Committee

Posted on 24.08.2012 - 08:20 EDT by ginamc

Teledyne BenthosTeledyne Benthos is proud to announce that Justin Manley, Senior Director of Business Development, has been appointed to the Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS®) System advisory committee. The Integrated Coastal and Ocean Observation System (ICOOS) Act of 2009 establishes a national integrated System of ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes observing systems, comprised of Federal and non-Federal components including in situ, remote, and other coastal and ocean observation, technologies, and data management and communication systems. The ICOOS Act also requires the Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere to establish a System advisory committee to provide advice to the Under Secretary and to the Interagency Ocean Observation Committee, which is responsible for planning for the integrated design, operation, maintenance, enhancement, and expansion of the System.

Teledyne Benthos and its partners Teledyne Webb Research and Teledyne Gavia provide a diverse portfolio of ocean observing infrastructure including unmanned vehicles, acoustic positioning and telemetry systems, deep sea housings and floatation, and acoustic releases. Operating as a group, these Teledyne Marine companies have a unique perspective to offer IOOS. “I look forward to sharing the experience and capabilities of the marine technology industry with my colleagues on the committee” said Mr. Manley, who has been appointed to a three year term on the System advisory committee, which will hold its first meeting in Washington DC August 29 and 30.

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