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Job News: New Defence Sales Manager At Saab Seaeye

Posted on 16.08.2012 - 07:30 EDT in JOB NEWS by jamesmc

NEW DEFENCE SALES MANAGER AT SAAB SEAEYE Chris Lade has been appointed Defence Sales Manager at Saab Seaeye, the world’s largest manufacturer of electric remotely operated underwater vehicles.

 This is a new position with responsibility for sales of underwater vehicle systems to the defence industry and follows Saab Seaeye’s expanded role in the defence industry since the transfer of Saab’s underwater vehicle systems for defence to Saab Seaeye.

Chris Lade joins the company following a successful career in the Royal Navy that included mine and anti-submarine warfare, and diving operations. His new role comes as the company develops more advanced ROV, AUV and hybrid systems that will expand its defence systems capability.
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